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What To Do When You Hate Your Job

Cherishingflo is ALL about doing what you love and enjoying your life every day.

However, realistically I know that we all have bills and if you're anything like me, there's a lifestyle you may want to live. So sometimes you may have to sacrifice working a 9-5 you aren't crazy about to fund the things you are crazy about.

But.. what do you do if you absolutely hate your job?

How To Handle Hating Your Job

Recognize why

What is the reason you hate your job? Is it your job that you actually hate? Are you not satisfied with your money? Is it the management? Is it coworkers? Is it that you feel overworked? Sometimes we think we hate our jobs and really we have lost the excitement and need a new challenge. Sometimes we may need a transfer or to push for a promotion of some sorts. Start looking for the source of the distaste for your work.

Do NOT complain at work

Let me be super clear about this because too often people burn bridges this way. If people at your job hear you bad mouthing where you work you could lose the job before you are financially prepared and not be able to gain any references from people. References matter and you want to be able to depend on your managers to hype you up in new job opportunities.

PLAN to quit

One thing I cannot deal with is when people just be quitting jobs when they have absolutely no idea how they about to pay their bills. This does not include those risk takers who decide to quit to start a business, although I do feel they should also have a plan. But if you are going to work another job, secure that job BEFORE you leave your current. And actually drop a two-week notice. We are adults and we do not storm out and have temper tantrums and act like assholes when we leave our work. Ok? cool.

These are the three simple things you need to do when you hate your job.

Remember, your life can be amazing and fulfilled.

Do you have plans to quit your job?


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