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What To Do When Life Turns To S***

It happens to all of us. There are times when life just slaps us in the face. I know it happened to a LOT of us this year with Covid_19 wreaking havoc. There were lay offs and pay cuts. A lot of small businesses closed down. It was a stressful time full of anxiety and fear of the future.

But over here we don't give up when life decides to knock us down. So, here are some tips for bouncing back and how to handle the lemons life hands us from time to time.

What to do when life turns to s***


I am a cryer. I won't even lie. When life decides to be a b**** I will allow myself to break down and just cry and get it all out. And yes, sometimes I'll scream too. I'll scream at the top of my lungs. Nothing feels better than just releasing all of that negative energy. Afterwards, I'll take a nice nap and wake up feeling released.


Think about what you want. Think about your why. Now is a good time to reflect on yourself and how you have been progressing. Are you and have you been doing everything in your power to succeed? What does succeeding even look like to you? Think about this and think about times you went through things before. You through that didn't you? What steps did you take? How could you bounce back even better this time?

Create goals

Now is the time for some action. I love creating goals. It's fun and allows me to envision myself at a progressed level I have yet to reach but know I will reach. Now that you know what you want, plan the goals for you to reach and visualize yourself accomplishing them.

Pace yourself.

Do not try and throw yourself into doing too much work. Don't push yourself too hard. It's okay t take baby steps. Start by doing something small. Then pat yourself on the back for doing it and remember that you're only human.

Put on your big boy/girl pants/panties

This is where you're going to have to give yourself a little tough love. None of us are progressing by not doing anything. At some point you are going to have to do things while still afraid. Plenty of the greats and successful people were afraid or discouraged or had major life set backs. They didn't let that be an excuse to throw in the towel and neither can you. Take your time. Lick your wounds. But then you have to BOSS UP and get moving.

I know we are all struggling sometimes, especially during this pandemic, but I also know that we don't have to stay down just because we've been knocked down. I hope you find encouragement and the courage to take your first step forwards.

How do you handle life when it turns to absolute S***?