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What’s In My Bag? – Girl Boss Edition

Disclaimer: This blog post may include items *gifted* to me for review. All opinions stated in this blog post are mine and all words were written by me. I am very picky about the brands I work with because I want to make sure you guys are getting my genuine thoughts!

Hello to all of my fellow female entrepreneurs out there. Most of you know how important it is to have your essentials for your femininity as WELL as your business. So, today I am going to share what is in my bag that I carry with me daily and why it is so important that it is in my bag. Basically it’s a ‘what you should be carrying in your bag if you’re a busy fempreneur on the go’… but that title isn’t nearly as SEO friendly and catchy.

So, let’s get to talking about what should be in  your bag when you leave your house.

What’s in My Bag? (and should probably be in yours too)

  1. My cellphone. This is a given. What millennial do you know that goes out and about without their phone? In my phone I have my google calendar, reminders app, affirmations, and more things that I use every single day. There’s no not taking that with me when I leave the house. 

  1. Vaseline. This has multiple purposes if I am being honest. I used to carry vaseline around in case I was to get into an altercation that turned physical (I know, surprising little ole me being so volatile.) BUT I am a different person now. I now carry it around in the place of chapstick. I have a serious fear of my lips being dry. It’s important (to me anyway) to keep your lips hydrated! However, whatever you use to keep your lips from drying up like Sahara desert is just as good.

  2. My planner. I TAKE MY PLANNER WITH ME EVERYWHERE. I love planners. It is just who I am as a person and one thing I never leave the house without is my planner. It keeps track of appointments, to-do’s, goals, and so much more! This is almost if not just as important as my cellphone when I leave my house every day.                                 

  1. Tampons. Even when I am not on my period, I bring out the tampons in my bag. Why? Well, one reason is because the female body likes to betray us and I always want to be prepared. Another, and the biggest, reason is I always want to be prepared if one of my fellow ladies is in need while I am out. I have been able to help total strangers lessen the embarrassment of a surprise monthly monster visit because I was prepared with tampons AND the next item on my list.

  2. Showerless cleaning wipes by Busy Beauty*. These wipes that I was gifted by busy beauty has literally CHANGED my whole life. This is going to be a moment where I get real transparent and honest and maybe a little out of some people’s comfort zone so beware. As a busy female entrepreneur… I am running nonstop a LOT. I have a blog, YouTube Channel, social media, a social media BUSINESS, and a 9-5 job… plus school that I am now going to online. Ya girl is busy. Sometimes I am out and about and have somewhere to go later that night and I simply don’t have time or motivation to take a shower (don’t judge me), and THAT is where these cleaning wipes come in. This kit I received also comes with showerless shampoo and conditioner, and showerless deoderant wipes as well (which lord knows on these hot days comes in CLUTCH). This kit helps you remain feeling fresh ALL DAY. Not to mention, the wipes are friendly for the ever so vulnerable PH BALANCE. All of my ladies know what I am talking about. These wipes did not throw off my very easily thrown off PH Balance, so when my monthly monster comes undetected I SHALL BE READY and I also shall be prepared if any of my fellow sistas out there need it. I have been testing out this product and it is one of my favorite things right now. 

  1. Cellphone charger. I never know what is going to happen that may keep me from my home longer than usual. So, the charger goes with me EVERYWHERE. I want to get a portable charge so that I can charge my phone no matter where I am, but I am a procrastinator. If you aren’t like me, I would advise you get and add a portable charger to your purses luggage.

  2. Business cards. One of the best ways to meet new clients is to use your MOUTH. Talk to people and get to know them. I try my best to be sociable when I am out and about and you’d be surprised by how many people end up interested in my services. Then, I am always prepared with business cards ready to pass out to anyone who may need them.                                               

  1. A weapon. I actually don’t have this yet (but it is on it’s way from Amazon and so I wanted to add it to the list because it WILL be going with me everywhere). This world we live in is crazy and as strong and independent women, we need to be able to protect ourselves in the case of an emergency. Too many crazy things happen on a regular basis to me. I have found myself in some questionable circumstances lately and it has made me realize that since I am always on the go, I need to make sure I am safe. Be safe out here guys.

Aside from the normal stuff like my wallet, keys, and stuff like that I think I have mentioned everything. My bag isn’t super cluttered and I am usually able to find whatever I need. What’s in your bag that you HAVE to carry with you every day? Is there anything I mentioned in the list that makes you want to add it to your bags contents? Comment down some thoughts down below!

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