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What I’ve Accomplished Since Last Blogtober!

WELCOME to Blogtober on the Cherishingflo blog! Last year, when I started blogtober, it was the start of my self-hosted site as well. I was super excited, but a little less prepared (I am currently typing this in August). I also, didn’t have too many things to say that were Fall related, BUT this year is a little different. I gave myself a HUGE head start so that I can stick to October related things, and also not be stressed!

In honor of it being the FIRST day of Blogtober, I decided to write about what I gave done majorly since LAST year’s blogtober!! If you also are a blogger who participated in blogtober last year, don’t be too shy to comment your own accomplishments in the past year!!

What I’ve Accomplished Since Last Blogtober

  1. I’ve grown a Cherishingflo tribe. YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING AWESOME. Not only have you shown love to this blog TREMENDOUSLY, but a lot of you have trickled that love over to my YouTube channel as well. I have a faithful following and I couldn’t be more grateful!              

  1. Started making money as an influencer. I am not just talking about affiliate programs either guys. I am talking BRAND DEALS AND SPONSORSHIP’S. The excitement of this is unreal because I worked so hard and for awhile it seemed to not be going anywhere. But in the past few months I have made big strides and gotten on a lot of different brands radar! I am so excited!

  2. Got back into school. I know, I know. I always said I would never go back… but I decided to! I decided that I wanted to get better at what I do for my clients so I went back to school for marketing to get even better. I am not going to lie, school is a LOT and I am tired, but I am glad I am taking the step. Don’t get me wrong though, I still stand firm that school isn’t necessary for everyone nor do I feel it’s necessarily for me. But I like the challenge of that.                                                                          

  1. Began writing a book. If you are subscribed to my email list then you probably already know about my book that I have started writing this year. It is about being an entrepreneur and balancing life as one with a 9-5 while also suffering from anxiety and depression. I am hoping to publish in 2020, so I am super hype about the book!

  2. Got back to singing. Only OG Cherishingflo Tribe members know that I sing unless you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel (which is you’re not, you should be). I haven’t sang that much, however, in the last few years! But, I joined a praise team at a church recently and am getting back to utilizing my voice! You have no idea how excited I am about that. PLUS, I may even be getting in the studio soon?? (More on that later in life lol)

In the past year I have actually done a lot. What have you done in the past year? Are you guys ready to do even more next year? Let’s get it!

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