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The Secret to True Happiness

Image: selfmadeladies

I have done it. I have unlocked the SECRET to really and truly being happy.

Before I tell you... take a guess.

Money? Family? Love?

If you guessed love... you're pretty close.

Truth is... it's unparalleled and infinite love... for yourself.


Self-love is a powerful thing.

When you love yourself you move differently. You set boundaries more. You start walking towards your destiny and putting in the work for what you desire because you believe you deserve it.

"I used to have a lot of mindset issues when it came to what I deserved and what I wanted in life. "

A couple of years ago (maybe less) I purchased a book from my friend called "You Are More Than Enough" and it got me really thinking about how I viewed myself and it became something I started to focus on.

This actually became life-changing as the mindset shifts it caused led me to be where I am today doing things I love and getting paid for it every day.

So How do you start loving yourself more?

Here are some quick tips for increasing your self-love:

- Remind yourself of your strengths daily.

- Smile at yourself regularly

- Take time to pamper yourself and love on you

So there you have it. The key to TRUE happiness. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. It is a journey and I still struggle sometimes with insecurities and getting mad at myself (depression and anxiety alert), but it is worth it and it WILL change your life.

Comment down below your thoughts.

Image: redsolesandredwine

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