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The Gift of Giving

The winter solstice is approaching quickly. Are you changing like or with the seasons or are you resisting the inevitable? Cycles don’t just happen every month, they occur everyday. With the intent to be as present as the gift of everyday life, you can observe the things that bring you joy and the things that don’t. By being mindful of the things you not only say to others but yourself you can start to weave out and make core cutting adjustments to anything that stunts your self evolution. To evolve, things have to change and the most constant change will be within yourself. With the intent of implementing baby steps towards a bigger goal, everyday you will have something to accomplish that will eventually start to reflect your growth. There is no better time than now to gift yourself the understanding of what it truly means to give and receive especially when you have the longest journey with yourself. Having a better understanding of who you are and the things you do/don’t want in your life will allow you to be more intentional and understanding to the adaptations of the world. You will not only understand yourself but your role that you play in this cosmic movie. The show must go on and so must you. Evolution doesn’t happen overnight so you must be willing to be patient and enjoy the work you put in that starts to show up for you in different ways. That is another things that mindfulness will teach you, sometimes we have to relearn what certain things that once mattered the most looks and feels like to us at our current state of being. After all, it is up to us to give meaning to anything that we come across that may be key in our evolution of course with the understanding of why. Developing self ensures you can develop anything. The sky is not the limit it is an example of how there are endless opportunities to reach higher heights as long as you are willing to be disciplined to keep climbing. Cheers to a new year and a new you!

With love and admiration.



@_najchalant (Twitter)


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