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The Biggest Productivity Hack

Productivity is obviously something we all strive for. Why? Cause it's how we get shit done!

So I wanted to share with you the BIGGEST hack for productivity that has made the HUGEST difference in my life and has allowed me to successfully run a social media management business, YouTube Channel, A Blog (sorta), and many other things.

Ready for this?

The biggest hack and secret for being productive:

SAYING NO *gasp*

Do you know how much time you save simply by saying no?

I used to have a hard time saying no and then I felt like I was a chicken with my head cut off.

But saying no to things like

- Going out with friends (when I know I have stuff to do)

- Spending money unnecessarily

- Netflix (and other streaming sites like it)

- Social Media

actually improved my productivity by a LOT.

Do you struggle with saying no?

Here are some quick tips for how to say no.

  1. Be honest. Stop trying to come up with lies about why you cannot so something to appease someone else. If you need to rest so that you can do good work the next day, say that. If you simply don't want to, say that. If you have work to do... SAY THAT.

  2. Prioritize. Think about what you need to do and make sure you aren't pushing it back to do things that don't matter.

  3. Be disciplined. You've gotta do what you've gotta do and that's it.

  4. Be assertive. Just say it and say it like you mean it and then actually stick to it.

Mastering saying no takes practice. In fact, I still struggle with it, but once you know how to say no... it makes a huge difference and you'll become addicted to putting yourself first for the long term success of your goals.

Are you saying no?


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