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Success during Covid_19 | May’s Blessings

Welcome to THIS MONTHS blessings segment. Y’all know I LOVE the monthly blessings segment. Why? Sometimes we forget during the hustle and bustle and stresses of every day life that good things do happen. This is a time I can reflect on the positives during the month that I love.

I hope you guys do some reflecting as you read and reflect with me:)

Mays Blessings

Sponsored Posts and Brand Deals

Y’all I had a goal on how much money I wanted to make from sponsored posts and I shocked mySELF to have hit my goal within two weeks! I was SO excited and it was such a validating thing to have happened at the perfect time!

Finished writing my book!

My e-book “Depression, Anxiety, and Entrepreneurship” was finished at the beginning of this month!!!! It is currently in the editing process and it WILL be releasing VERY soon! I’m excited to share that with you soon:).

Went on a mini vacay!

My family and I went on a trip to Gatlinsburg, Tennessee and spent some time in a cabin. It was a LOT of fun and we really enjoyed the mountains and the relaxing environment!

Started on my health journey

I am starting working out regularly and working out so that I can get my health together. Your health is EXTREMELY important and I am excited to have started on this journey. Plus I’m trying to get thick... so....

I had a WONDERFUL month and I am excited to see how well its going to go in June!

Tell me how your month went? What are some of your goals for June?


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