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Start Communicating Like An Adult

It is absolutely ridiculous how many grown up people are communicating so immaturely.

Communication is key whether it is at work, in a relationship, with friends and family, or even with yourself.

So here is how to start communicating like an adult.


Actively listen to empathize and understand what someone else is trying to say. Nothing you say can be relevant if it isn't directly related and coming from a place of understanding. It also is ALWAYS obvious when you are listening to respond.

Think before you speak

Stop letting your emotions control your mouth. You know who does that? Babies. When they have their temper tantrums are they communicating properly? No. And neither are you when you're lashing out out of anger.

Do not leave important conversations to text or social media

It is important that you communicate with people appropriately. If something important needs to be said you need to either go see them face to face or at the very least pick up the phone and call them. Stop hiding behind a screen.

Be direct

Be mindful that I said direct... not rude. Say what you mean. Don't talk around a topic and just be honest about your feelings. There are right and wrong ways to do this but it is important that you express yourself fully and not half heartedly.

Make eye contact

Be present and focus on the person you're communicating with. It makes a difference.

Do not avoid emotional transparency

If your heart hurts, say so. If someone you care about put you in a bad place, let them know. You cannot expect behavior to change if you do not express that it hurts you.

Now, there is no excuse to communicate like a toddler because you've read this and can now practice communicating properly. It may not happen overnight if some of these things is a struggle for you, but real communication can be the things that saves relationships.

What are some ways you can think of that is proper communication?


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