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Social Media Caption Ideas For Instagram

Are you struggling to come up with caption ideas for your IG business page or otherwise?

Here are some ideas for you.


  1. Inspirational quotes. You can find these on Pinterest or google by the boat loads.

  2. Tell a story. Talk about a childhood gem related to your niche or something interesting or funny that appened recently.

  3. Ask a question.

  4. Promote your business. Let people know what you have to offer.

  5. Mention a product you've loved lately.

  6. Mention or promote an upcoming event. Or you can talk about an event you've recently enjoyed.

  7. Giveaway posts. This is a good way to promote your Instagram and gain more followers as well!

  8. Appreciating an employee, friend, or family member. Shoutout someone who has positively impacted your life.

  9. Celebration post. Celebrate a milestone you've past recently with your followers.

  10. Get to know you post. This is one of my favorite kind of posts. I love when people are giving random facts about who they are. It can't be about business all the time. I ALWAYS say: People fall in love with you and then they fall in love with your business.

Hopefully I have inspired an idea. Leave your Instagram links below so I can see what kind of captions you come up with.


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