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Simple Self Care Routine That You'll Actually Follow

Self-care is the BEST care and I am often talking about how we should be maintaining our self care because it is the best way to make sure we are giving our best as often as possible. I will be honest, when I first started looking into self care, I was trash at keeping up with it. Am I the only one who feels like some self-care ideas given are hard to keep up with because of how much work they actually are?

I am not saying that you shouldn't run extensive bubble baths with candles or go for walks early in the morning, but I am saying that if this isn't something you are used to it may be a little hard to do consistently.

So, here are some self care routine ideas for those of us who are trying to self care without so much extra hassle:

Simple Self Care Routine

Sleep better.

This is super simple. Does it take a little effort? YES. Buuuut before you click off, here me out. I didn't say go to sleep earlier. I didn't say wake up earlier or later. I said sleep BETTER. This is something you can do bit by bit.

I started taking melatonin and drinking sleepy time tea around thirty minutes before I wanted to go to sleep and it's about the QUALITY of sleep that you get. Another thing that you can do is try and make sure you are going to sleep at the beginning of your rem cycle. I don't know much about this, but I have heard that going to sleep when your body will be in it's restful state makes a huge impact on your sleep.


This is super easy, right? At random times throughout the day, whenever it crosses your mind to, just smile. Smile when something gets on your nerves. Sounds crazy? Yes, and sometimes it looks crazy but your subconsciousness resonates smiling with positive emotion and eventually your emotions will follow suit. I smile when somebody ticks me off and before I know it I am either feeling calm again or I am laughing at the fact that I am smiling while angry. Just try it.

Stop checking your phone when you first wake up.

Give yourself some time to have your OWN thoughts before invading your mental space with the thoughts of other people. This may seem like work, but that's only because of how this generation is trained to immediately go to the media to see what recent news is afoot. But no, we are going to take care of our mental space by taking control of what we think about in the morning.

Set up positive affirmation reminders on your phone.

There are apps for this. I have used multiple in order to remind myself of the beautiful boss babe in which I am. You could also set up manual reminders in your phone to pop up with an affirmation that you personally know you'd like to hear daily.

Stay a shower longer.

Enjoy the hot water (or warm water if you all sensitive like my partner). Just let the warmth relax you and allow yourself time to sit there without thoughts or worries or stresses. You don't have to do ANYTHING right now. Just be.

Change your alarm clock sound.