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Self Rebuilder Loan Review — How I Improved My Credit Score

I am 26 years old… and I just started working on my credit last year.

My credit was trash. Did I have a bunch of debt? No. But I really didn’t have much of anything. I had never had a credit card and I had never really owned much other than a phone bill and basic rent and utilities.

So when me and my fiancé started discussing our future, I realized I needed to start paying more attention to our credit.

So, one of the first things I did was hire a Credit Specialist Bella’s Credit Corner. She helped me come up with a plan for building my credit and assisted me in getting rid of unfair things on there like hospital bills, etc.

Bella was amazing and easy to talk to and she was sure to stay caught up with Me and my progress and I couldn’t agree more.

Then, I got myself a credit card with First Progress. It was an easy and simple process. I set up all my streaming sites on the credit card and paid it ON TIME every single month.

Finally, I got the Self Rebuilder Loan.

This loan is supposed to be a loan from yourself. You basically send the same amount of money to a savings account every single month and then after a year or two depending on your plan, you’ll get the money back.


Setting up the Self Rebuilder Loan was actually pretty simple using the app. I gave my info and set up the amount id be saving every month, made my first payment, and then that was it.

Each month, I paid and each month it was reported to all the credit bureaus.


I loved the simplicity of Self Rebuilder Loan. You paid it each month like a bill, but it basically saved your money for you and then sent it back To you while helping you build credit.

Between paying my credit card bill on time every single month and paying the Self Rebuilder Loan every single month, my credit score grew over 100 points in one year!

It has made such a huge difference In my credit and I am grateful to Bella and Self Rebuilder Loan for this growth and I know that I am on my way to growing even further.


My answer? Yes. It helps save money and it is especially helpful if you are someone who doesn’t have as much credit and want to start really focusing on your growth.

Self Rebuilder Loan is definitely worth it.

Are you ready to start working on your credit? Comment down below.


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