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Reasons Your Instagram Growth Has Become Stagnant

A lot of my social media audits are from businesses and brands that grew their accounts to a certain point and then all growth just stopped.

I even have reached a point like this in my influencer brand where I am bouncing between 10.8K followers and 11K followers and have been for awhile. Doing research as well as doing these audits, I have started to realize that there are certain common things that happen that could play a part in the stagnancy.

So before you blame Instagram's algorithm, see if any of these negatives could fit.

Reasons Your IG Growth Has Become Stagnant

You're not posting when you should be

This is a big one I've noticed people aren't paying attention to. You are posting when google says it's the best time to post, but you are not considering when YOUR audience is online. In order to find this out, go to your insights and click on total followers. Then, scroll down til you see most active times. That will tell you when your audience is most active and on what days they are most active. Whatever the highest active time is, post 30 minutes to an hour before then.

You aren't engaging like you should

Our engagement packages are some of our most popular because it can be time consuming but it is NECESSARY to be on social media engaging with your target audience. You want to be seen by new people so you've got to go out there and get their attenion.

You could be shadowbanned.

You could be shadow banned many community guidelines can cause you to be shadow banned (I've been shadow banned several times and I have no idea why so it isn't always so simple), but in times like this it is best to take a break from posting and then being more careful about what you post and what hashtags you are using.

You aren't being yourself fr and it shows

If you sound like a copy and paste version of someone else, your target audience will pick it up and lose interest super fast. You want to be sure to be AUTHENTIC. Share your personal stories and thoughts. If you are a weirdo, put that into your content and watcg your tribe come flocking.

Your content has 0 value

Who on Earth wants to follow somebody, knowing they won't get anything worthwhile from doing so? If your content holds NO value, you're just posting the sales and/or posting your breakfast... your target audience will lose interest and either unfollow or never follow to begin with.

Your message isn't clear

I think this is one that I see most often. If you sell shoes, but you're constantly posting about meditation and taking care of yourself... your audience is confused. What are you about? That should be CLEAR in all of your content. If it isn't the mixed signals will cause you to not gain any true followers. So if you're selling shoes... talk about shoes.

All of these are the things I've found most often, but if you still aren't sure why your business isn't growing, book one of our social media audits and get a list of things hindering your growth as well as a blueprint strategy based on YOUR target audience, niche, and analytics to help your business begin to grow online!

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