Reasons To Take Social Media Breaks

I feel like taking breaks regularly from social media is absolutely NECESSARY. I have taken quite a few breaks from social media. Mostly due to how toxic social media has been. But I have always needed regular breaks from social media.

For those of you who spend a lot of time on social media, here are some reasons to take a step back:


It can be draining

Social media can take up a lot of energy. You see things that incite certain emotions whether negative or positive, you don't get to control all of the time what people are sharing on your timeline.

You end up freeing up more time than i'll bet you expected

I was both shocked and agitated at how much free time I had after i took some time away from social media. I was getting a ridiculous amount of things done. Social media takes up too much of our time lol.


Time away from what everybody else tells you ti think about and focus on also allows you to take time to really be mindful about your every day tasks. You aren't distracted by the online world and can focus on being present and grateful for where you are.

You can connect with the real world.

Spend some time talking to the people in your actual life. You can sit and talk with your friends and family and stop only liking each others pictures and funny memes online and really speak and CHECK IN with one another.

Stop comparing your life to others

I am SUPER guilty of comparing myself to others on social media and it has such a negative impact on our mental health. Just taking the option out of the equation can help boost your own confidence in your abilities!

When was the last time you took a social media break?