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Productivity Tips for 2022

2022 is coming and I am super excited about it!

I know we all have our goals and things we want to accomplish and seeing as to how CherishingFloMedia is so adamantly about productivity, we couldn't end the year without talking about our productivity tips for 2022, could we?

So if you want to learn how you can go into this year getting ish DONE, keep reading...


Choose realistic goals

If you want to be productive, you need to choose goals that you know you can actually accomplish. Be ambitious, but be REALISTIC. For example, I want to make up to 8K a month by the end of next year. That is a seriously ambitious goal, but one that I know I can realistically accomplish. Make sure that you look at where you are and decide what you want to do within a year's time to accomplish those long-term goals.

Breakdown goals into small to-do's

You guys have heard me talk about these bunches before. I create a yearly goals list and then I break it down into steps. Using those steps, create your monthly goals. Using those monthly goals, create your weekly to-do list. It is that simple. The more you break it down, the easier it is to focus on the very next step.

Take breaks

One thing I had to learn through trial and error is how important it is to take frequent breaks. Now, this may look different for you but I can work for two hours straight, take an hour break, and then get back to it. This increment allows me to pause, watch some shows, eat lunch or a snack, and then get back to two hours of focused energy. Some people need breaks every 30 minutes for 15 minutes. Some need a break every hour. Find your happy place, but make sure you are taking those frequent breaks.

Practice discipline

If you are relying on motivation, you will fail. You will NOT be motivated all the time to do the things you wanna do. I was not motivated to necessarily write this blog post, but blogmas must be done and I know that I want to share this content with you guys. Procrastination is not your friend. Know the difference between needed rest and lazy procrastination.

Stop multitasking

HARD LESSON FOR ME THAT I AM STILL LEARNING. You cannot do multiple things at once or they will not be able to get your undivided attention or quality work. I have multiple times tried to sit and do a bunch of things at one time, but the only way I was able to be TRULY productive is when I focused on one thing at a time. I got it all done that same day but separated it appropriately. For example, I need to write a newsletter today, create content, do engagement, and write blog posts. Before my first break of the day... I am ONLY focusing on blog writing. That's it. I know I have other things to do but I am not going back and forth between this and that. I am focusing. Look at your day. How long it takes you to do things. And block out your time.

Indulge in your desire and reward yourself

STOP SACRIFICING YOUR OWN HAPPINESS FOR BUSINESS. Yes, I believe in investing in yourself and prioritizing your business, but NOT over your mental health. No, i don't go out every weekend with friends. But yes, every weekend I make sure I budget for some sushi and wine for myself. No, I do not go on shopping sprees knowing I need to save to invest. But yes, I will leave some splurge money to the side to buy myself some coffee at starbucks, go on a date with my beau, or buy me a new crop top (I love crop tops). You have to learn to indulge in your desires and reward yourself without breaking the bank. Success does not need to look like a walking sacrifice before you make it.

Wake up earlier

I will FOREVER be an advocate of this. If you are sleeping in until you HAVE to get up, you're doing it wrong. Do you realize this means that you start your day doing things for other people? I am not saying that you have to wake up and work on business. I do that, but that's not for everybody. But you should be waking up and starting your day for YOU and no one else. Even if that means sitting with your coffee in silence for 30 minutes... don't sacrifice that.

Eat right

There are certain foods and drinks that allow you to have more energy and be more productive. Make sure you are eating things that will give you energy and not drain you. Do you guys want a blog post on how to increase your daily energy? Comment down below!

Take your vitamins

A big reason we feel so tired and don't want to get a lot done is because we are not taking our VITAMINS. B-12, one a day, whatever it is you feel you need, GET TO IT. Take better care of yourself. Vitamins are definitely an energy booster. I take 4: B-12, Juice Plus, One-A-Day, and Iron Pills (I am anemic). These all sound like a lot but the energy I naturally feel makes all the difference in the world.


Work on yourself!!!! Productivity and success starts within. You have got to work on the mental roadblocks that keep you from accomplishing the goals that you want to accomplish. Work on money mindset, childhood traumas, thinking errors, and learning new ways to excel. Working on self-development one random month in 2017 is actually the beginning to how I found myself as a business owner, blogger, and YouTuber.

Regularly declutter

Your environment is powerful. If everything around you looks a mess, so will your mind. Make sure you are keeping your space clear and free so that your mind can feel clear and free.

These are my productivity tips for 2022. Some of these I have to work on myself in the new year.

Do you have any more you could add? Comment down below!