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Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners

If you are an entrepreneur or a pending entrepreneur one thing you are going to have to dig into is to how to be more efficient in your day-to-day life.

If you're anything like me (someone who walks around like a chicken with your head cut off) then you know that it can be hard to organize yourself in order to be more productive.

So here are some ways I've boosted my productivity immensely (All things I've actually implemented).

DISCLAIMER: If you are reading this, be sure to actually implement these skills into your life. Reading without implementation is a waste of time and information. If you ACTUALLY want to be more productive, DO THE THINGS.

Curate your environment for productivity

This will look different for everybody, but something as simple as having a clean space can make a huge difference. Maybe not being on your phone or cutting off distractions. Sometimes when I am not feeling productive or motivated in my home, I'll go to my clubhouse or a local coffee shop. Put yourself in an environment that makes you want to work.

Organize + Prioritize tasks

I currently am using both Asana and Google Calendar to organize and prioritize my tasks. I have events, meeting, etc. logged into google calendar and get those notifications. I also don't double book myself because I can check my google calendar before agreeing to meetings. Asana helps me keep track of my tasks and I can also put the priority of each task on there so I can work in appropriate order.


I am telling you... hiring others can make your life so much easier as a business owner. I am a creative person, but I do not have the mental capacity to create for myself and all of my clients without burning out. I have people on my team to help me be efficient by doing the tasks that takes me longer to do or I am not great at.

Automate where you can

I automate invoices, reminders, social media, and payroll. It makes my life so much simpler when I don't have to think about money that comes in and out of things. I am able to really focus on what it is I need to focus without having to remember and stay on top of some of these more tedious tasks.

Find routine/structure

Fit your business tasks into your daily life. It does not have to be too stressful. I change my schedule up regularly. I've had 6AM morning routines with 8AM work times and have had 9AM morning routines and noon work times. I choose to maneuver things in a way that fits my life without getting in the way of self-care. However, once I set structure I stick to it. Working within my delegated hours and staying offline when I am not within those hours.

Prioritize relaxing

The thing about productivity that it is only best done when you're well rested and in a good headspace. Otherwise, you will work a lot less efficiently. Allow yourself time to relax and take some breathers so that you can give your best when you're working.

Now that you've read all these simple tips, actually implement them into your life and see the difference in how much you get done!


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