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Productive and Positive Nighttime Routine

If you guys remember, I did a girl boss morning routine with you guys sharing my ideal morning routine and I said I would share a night time routine. You may have forgotten... cause it was so long ago... but I didn’t forget!

So today I am going to share my productive nighttime routine that helps me end and start my days the right way!

My Nighttime Routine

Eat semi-early

I try not to eat at like 9PM. I wanna give my food time to digest before I sleep!

Clean up

Once I’ve eaten, I straighten up the kitchen and whatever else I see needing to be straightened out.

Shower & Skin Care

Time to wind down and take care of myself and do all of the hygienic things. I have a nighttime routine vlog where I go more into this On my channel, you can watch here.

Pick out clothes for the next day

This helps me feel prepared for the next day and also takes this long process of my day out of the equation the next morning

Do a little Netflix watching

watching some tv or something that doesn’t take any real brain power is a way I like to settle down. I love movies and tv shows. I’ve always been like that.

To-do list check

Now is the time that I check my to-do list and make sure that I’ve gotten everything done that I needed to, and if I didnt... then I add it to the next day’s to-do list So I’ll know what needs to be done the next day.