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November's Highlights/Blessings

I absolutely love this time of the month. This was the month of Thanksgiving so I have been extra reflective about how things are going in my life. I really have come far this year. I came into this year thinking one thing and it ended up being something completely different. I am definitely excited to share with you guys what awesome things have happened for me this month.

For those of you new to this blog, I do this segment of monthly blessings because I really would like to make sure that I am keeping track of my blessings and I love to share it with you guys and encourage you to do the same thing! So while you're reading think about the amazing things BIG or SMALL that happened to you this month.

November's Blessings

Growth of My Supporter Base

I have been blessed enough to have found a lot more people interested in my content on my social media and on YouTube which has been the BEST experience! I appreciate the love I have gotten from you guys thus far and how much my supporter base has increased. It's genuine support and it is much appreciated!

More Influencer Opportunities

I have talked to more brands this month than the entire year combined! I have had to turn some down but it was so amazing to have so many people reach out to me. I've done videos for brands for the first time this month (which makes me feel like a real YouTuber), and I have had multiple IG posts as well! Look at me... out here being an influencer and stuff!

Saw My Family

My sisters are in town and we are all together for Thanksgiving week! I love Thanksgiving week! It is NOT my favorite but I never get tired of seeing my family so I am grateful to have seen them.

New motivation for this blog

For awhile I couldn't bring myself to really focus on this blog. I don't really know why. I just couldn't. However, recently I have gotten a new fire under my seat. I wanna try and get more organized and get my life in order because the Cherishingflo Blog was here before there was social media or YouTube. So, I am trying to get it together and I am grateful I have finally gotten the confidence I need to continue.

My month has REALLY blessed me and I am so grateful. How was your month?

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