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November’s Blessings!

Welcome back to another segment of MONTHLY BLESSINGS! I think that with everything that goes on in the world and how hard life likes to hit us, it’s important that we remember all that we’ve been blessed with. I like to take time every day to be grateful for what I have little or big! So, I decided when I started this blog that I wanted to share with you guys what great things in grateful for each month. Hopefully this is a reminder to remember that no matter what circumstance you may be in right now, you have something to be grateful for!

I’m posting this one a little later than I had planned, but better late than never right?

November’s Blessings!

  1. I made my first affiliate sale! Literally TWO WEEKS after reading this amazing book on How To Make Money as An Amazon Affiliate!   I made my first affiliate sale! I was super excited when I got that notification and it was the beginning of my journey to making my blog a part of my career! I’m super excited about it and I joined the affiliate program for the book because of the difference it made in my life as a blogger!

  2. Got to spend time with my family! I had soooo much fun with my family this week! I got to record some Family fun videos and we ate food and went to the movies! It was a great time. I consider this a huge blessing because me and my sisters and my mom are rarely all together at the same time. Usually only like one or twice a year if we’re lucky. I’m very grateful for that! 

  1. Made it to 300 subs on my personal channel! I’m happy about this because I’ve SUCKED at promo for my personal channel! Lol so the fact that my lovely supporters got me to 300 subs makes me so happy! I promise I’ll get better with my marketing for that channel and the quality of content for the channel! My YouTube Channel is ALMOST as much my baby as this blog is so it means a whole lot!

  2. I’ve grown my email list! I don’t know the first thing about having an email list, but now that I have one and people are subscribing to it, I have made connections with a lot of you wonderful subscribers so I’m definitely grateful for all of those that signed up to the email list! I have a lot of exclusive things that are just for those that sign up! Sooooon I’ll be doing a giveaway just for my email subscribers! And I’m super excited! I may sound like a ditzy bubbling idiot…. but I don’t care! I can’t contain my happiness!

  3. I’ve grown on Pinterest! In just three short weeks I have managed to grow my Pinterest monthly viewers from 500 to 29k! How awesome is that?! It may seem like not a huge deal but it’s really amazing to me! I’ve been experimenting with Pinterest to see how it would help this blog page! So far, I can’t really tell much how it’s affecting my views, but I still love the fact that I’m finally starting to understand how Pinterest works bit by bit And that was a major goal I had for the month of November! 

This month has been a huge blessing for me! And I have a lot of great things to come! The love and support from you guys is definitely a big part of the gratefulness that I’m filled with! i love these segments where I get to just sit and think about what I have to be grateful for. It truly helps me with my anxiety and depression. It brings me a certain sense of peace and joy.

What are some things you guys are grateful for in the month of November? Are you ready to finish out the last month of 2018 strong? Happy New month! (Even if it is a couple days late!)

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