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My Spring Morning Routine

As you guys know, I love morning routines. They are truly how you prepare to have a successful day and week because you started off on the right foot.

If you are a skeptic about morning routines, check out this blog post about why I feel morning routines truly are top tier and the best way to start living life on your terms.

Be sure to comment below and share what your morning routines are... and nab our freebie morning routine checklist so that you can start the process of successfully creating your own morning routine!

My Morning timeline:

Wake up between 7-9

I am a firm believer in starting your day right, but I am NOT a firm believer in waking up at 5 AM when you don't have to in order to create time for yourself. If you don't have to be at work until 9 AM and you normally wake up at 8.. waking up at 7 will give you that extra time you need. Me, I work for myself from home at any hour I please but I try to wake up between 7 and 9 in order to not waste the morning away.


I love Yoga.. it is my happy place

Manifestation, prayer, and devotion

This time is truly my fave time in the morning because I check in with myself, God, and my intention for my life and business.

Look at my to-do list

I prefer to glance at my to-do list to mentally ready myself for what I need to do. It also helps me come up with a game plan in my mind about what to do first


.... sometimes

Set intention for the day

This is a reiteration of the intentions and affirmations I set during my manifestation routine. I try to always set intentions for myself so that I am moving with a sense of purpose


I learned recently that for a bear chronotype sleeper (you can take your sleeper type quiz here), it is best to wait two hours after waking up to drink your coffee. I've seen this make an actual difference in my productivity and my coffee jolts me more now than it ever did before.


... this one is kind of a sometimes too. I want to read every day but there are lots of days I end up skipping. I am currently reading Gabrielle Union's book "You Go Anything Stronger?" . Think I should do a book review? Let me know and I'll do one on my YouTube Channel.

Start the day

Now that I've done all of these things, I can get started with my day feeling READY.

Do you have a morning routine? Download this morning checklist freebie as a guide to building your own morning routine that fits your needs!

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