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My Favorite YouTubers You Should Check Out

YouTube is a BIG source of motivation and useful information. I watch YouTube videos on a regular basis. You can learn about just about anything. I watch hair tutorials for other girls with locs, marketing tips, help with dealing with some of my more difficult clients, and most importantly for me: motivation. I am one of those rare people that listen to podcasts AND watches YouTube videos for motivation.

Some of my motivation secrets are revealed in some of the youtubers I am going to mention today. I am subscribed to a lot of YouTubers but there are some specific ones that make a huge difference when I’m watching. Some are big YouTubers, some aren’t so much. However, I want to share them with you because I strongly believe that if you like this blog, you’ll love these lady bosses I am going to share with you.

My Favorite YouTubers

This Girl boss is literally one of my favorite people on the planet. She is a young entrepreneur who works from home and has her own online business. She is the person who motivated me to start working from home on a freelance basis. She has a Facebook group called May’s Collective that is a bunch of aspiring lady bosses starting to grow. She gives valuable advice on growing clientele and working from home and remaining healthy at the same time. She inspired one of my own recent YouTube videos where I went 24 hours with no social media. It was extremely relieving! I love Erin Henry also because she is genuine. She admits her mistakes and tells the truth about how difficult working from home actuallycan he. It helped me put into perspective the struggles I’m dealing with as a work from home freelancer.

I love Amy because she is like a rockstar! She is a youtuber and also a speaker. She strives for greatness but is also ridiculously honest. She is quirky and hilarious while being simultaneously motivating and inspirational. She does videos on self-development and being a girl boss. She does reviews on good books and what stands out about her is her use of sarcasm and humor to make really good points.

Angel is a life coach and also a mentor of mine. She is a slightly smaller youtuber, but a phenomenal one! She gives not only good business information, but valuable information for women to progress and become better. She gives advice to young, middle-aged, and older. She inspires for us to grow and manifest our best selves as well as grow in our spirituality. She’s a Christian and a business woman and that’s one of the first things thatvattracted me to her. She is a black women with a drive that refuses to quit and her morality and consistency in helping others is how I ended up deciding on her as a mentor.

This beautiful woman is a fellow small youtuber such as myself. She talks about mainly relationships but her advice is invaluable. She talks about being a confident and independent woman. She answers questions from her subscribers. She is amazing and always gives some of the best advice and information. She gives advice for relationships that are spiritual and that are not spiritual. She’s honest about what relationships are actually like.

This beautiful and bubbly personality is both a blogger and a YouTuber. That’s what originally made me love her. I also love how bright and sweet she is. She’s an amazing youtuber and her editing and B-roll is always on point. She also talks about self-development things but also dips into lifestyle things. She does a lot of morning routines, summer routines, etc. She has a lot of great and positive energy. She does a lot of fun vlogs and she’s currently doing YouTober and that’s been a lot of fun. She’s definitely someone who can help inspire a positive and happy attitude.

These are are my favorite youtubers. I have a lot more that I really like and love to watch, but these are definitely in the top five. Maybe I can do a part 2? Share your thoughts below!

How are you guys enjoying Blogtober so far? I’m wondering now if maybe posting every single day is annoying rather than a good thing, haha. Pitiful that I would wait until it’s almost over to consider this. Share your thoughts about Blogtober below!

Who are some of your favorite youtubers? Do you watch any of these guys as well? Comment down below!

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