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My Favorite Social Media App... And Why

People are often surprised to hear me say that my favorite social media app is indeed Twitter. Here's why:

  • It isn't big with brands

  • It isnt as visual as Instagram, Pinterest, or even Facebook.

  • Do people even use Twitter?

Well, I DO. It is my favorite both for business opportunities AND for personal purposes. So I am going to explain exactly why I LOVE Twitter.

Why I love Twitter

I can be my most open

Nobody in my family has Twitter. On Twitter, people just say whatever they want. You're allowed to be a little less 'professional' and 'formatted' because... it's Twitter. Even businesses and companies are a lot more loose on Twitter. I love that because I hate the narrative that being a boss means being serious and 'mature' all the time. I am goofy. I play too much. I can express that on Twitter and nobody blinks and eye.

It's where the ratchets hang out

I am not going to lie.... people post absolute foolery on Twitter that you will not find anywhere else without searching hard for it. On Twitter it's just there whether you search for it or not. It' a wonderful mixture of advice, meaningful quotes, outrageous videos/memes, and ratchetry.

It's extremely interavtive.

On Twitter is where people will reply to things you say. They don't have to know you but they will start an actual conversation or debate. It isn't a like based platform. Yes, you like things but nobody cares or even notices how often something you tweeted was liked or retweeted. I have never once seen anyone feel badly because a tweet didn't get a bunch of likes. It's great because Twitter doesn't care. And if someone does like or retweet it's just an added bonus.

I talk... a lot.

Twitter is the only platform where it is socially acceptable and not ridiculed to post back to back for an hour... And I do just that. When I am up in the middle of the night I can get on Twitter and know that I can say some things for an hour until I am tired and nobody will even bat an eyelash because all Twitter consists of is a compilation of people's statuses. And you just scroll through and read. You see gifs and videos too but what people say can be just as eye widening.

So that's why I love Twitter. I have gotten more leads from Twitter than anywhere else and I rarely ever promote videos on there. The keyword stuff makes a huge difference and people can find you and what you do pretty easily.

What's your favorite platform? Why? Drop it in the comments below.


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