My Favorite Bloggers You Should Check Out!

I’m picky about the blogs that I subscribe to ladies and gentleman. I don’t just subscribe to any old blog. I know a lot of people subscribe to others trying to get more subs themselves but I don’t work that way. I want everyone who subscribed to this blog to like my content and the things I have to offer. Blogging is a lot of work and I still have a lot of bettering to do for this blog, but I still do put in maximum effort. I want people to subscribe because they like the value I provide. With that being said, I subscribe to blogs that I think are valuable to me and I learn from. Bloggers that are in my niche or talk about things I’m interested in.

So, what kind of blogs is that exactly? I decided to find some bloggers that I truly enjoy that I think if you enjoy my blog, you’ll enjoy also. So let’s geg into it, shall we?

My Favorite Bloggers

  1. Eccentric Rebel

  1. First up is actually my best friend. We’re both bloggers and youtubers but what I love is that we both have different niches and come across differently on our platforms. She has a lifestyle blog and is currently doing interviews for other bloggers on her site so if that’s something you’re interested in, hit her up! I support her partially because she’s my best friend, but mostly because she’s a great writer. She is open and honest about who she is with her readers and that’s rare in the blogging community these days.


  1. Literally one of the most genuine people I’ve come across in the blogging community. She’s definitely a go-getter who I can relate to because she’s always on the go and keeping herself busy. That’s something I also do. She is also a very positive person and her energy is always full of life and light even in times when she isn’t as confident in things herself. She’s very honest and real with her audience which I appreciate. She travels, talks about her life, and talks just lifestyle in general. I am all about being who you are in blogs because that’s what really attracts people to you and that is definitely something this beautiful young lady does!


  1. I began talking to this lovely lady a few months back when we both realized that we blogged about a lot of the same things. She talks a lot about positivity, self-Development and navigating through the world as a young adult. Her blog is wonderful and just like the others, she’s genuine (you seeing a pattern?). She is such a sweet heart and since I’ve met her, she’s become one of my favorite people and also my favorite bloggers.

Wake Up and Blog

  1. Not even sure how I came across this amazing blog, but if you’re a blogger or you’re interested in becoming one, THIS is who you want to subscribe to. The tips and tricks that this blogger has on her website has helped me greatly during my blogging journey. I’ve decided to get into Pinterest thanks to this blog. So if you’re starting a blog, or thinking about starting one, this is where you need to go.


  1. I’ve been loving this beautiful woman’s blog since I started reading blogs in the first place. She’s always so encouraging and positive on social media (Twitter mostly is where I see her). Her blog is full of lifestyle and self-development. She is a great writer and is versatile as a blogger. You can see the effort she puts in to each of her posts and I can definitely appreciate that. Her vibes are awesome and so is her blog so DEFINITELY go check her out!!

All of the bloggers ive mentioned are very talented and gifted at writing. I know you could tell I have a pattern of liking self-development and lifestyle blogs, haha. So I’m guilty as charged. However, the other thing that I am attracted to is bloggers who speak positivity but are honest and genuine about the fact that even as a blogger who is about uplifting others, were all human. We all have our flaws and NOBODY feels completely positive all of the time. It’s important to be honest with yourself and others about that when you’re an influencer. These women definitely do that.

So hopefully you’ll check them out and enjoy their content! I definitely do! Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Do you have a certain niche you tend to gear towards? Leave some comments down below and let me know!

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