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My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming around the corner and one of my FAVE kinds of blog posts to read during blogmas is CHRISTMAS WISHLISTS! So I thought... why not do one of my own??

Hope my family is paying attention!!! Lol.

Christmas Wishlist

New Camera

I love my current camera but I am definitely in need of a new one and I love the idea of having multiple cameras for different purposes!

Fancy coffee/latte machine

Y'all know I am all about coffee and I really want a good coffee machine for my apartment

$100 Starbucks gift card

I feel like this one doesn't even really need to be explained

Shein Gift Card

Because I love Shein and wanna go shopping!!


If you'd like to fund a good branding shoot, I would LOVE that

Psych Paraphonelia

If you know me well.... you know Psych is my number one fave show and yet I do not have any paraphernalia and that is a CRIME!!

This is pretty much it! My list is pretty simple... what's on your Christmas list? Comment below


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