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Monthly Blessings (October’s edition)

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ITS THE LAST DAY OF BLOGTOBER! I am so excited that I was ACTUALLY able to create blog posts for the ENTIRE month! You guys just don’t know how excited that makes me! This has been QUITE the journey, but I’m so glad I did it and I’m SO appreciative of all of you for checking out these posts every day. Y’all are the real MVP’s!!

Welcome to Monthly Blessings!

If you were subscribed to the old WordPress website then you know that I am all about positivity and part of that includes being grateful for ALL accomplishments no matter how small. So, At the end of every single month, I will be sharing with you guys my wins for the month that I’m grateful for! Hopefully you will be inspired to consider the good things that have happened to you in that month and can spend some time in gratefulness!

We all spend a lot more time than we would like to admit complaining and being upset or frustrated. Work can drive us crazy or someone at school irritated you to your core. For mental sanity, it’s important to make a conscious effort to remember the things you’ve been blessed with in your life. I started practicing this about a year ago and I LOVE that I’m able to continue the cycle with this new website!

October’s Blessings

  1. I went self-hosted! 

  1. I completed Blogtober! The fact that I was able to write a blog post every single day this month was probably one of my biggest accomplishments in October. I had been promising to launch my website for months and so I thought it only fair to launch it by doing something special. What’s more special than working my poor fingers to the bone and getting posts out every single day?

  2. I got a new client. I love finding new people to work with. Helping small influencers grow their influence online is a great feeling, BUT I’m also very picky about who I work with. This may be bad for business, but I won’t work for just any influencer trying to grow. I desire to help influencers who not only want to grow their online business, but that have positive working attitudes. Believe it or not, that’s not as easy t find. I started with a new client this month and I’m so excited to work with her! I love her content AND I love her positive energy! Two things that I feel are key components when you’re helping someone build their brand. I don’t believe I’d be good at building up something I don’t believe in.

  3. I got to see my nana!  This may seem a little different to be so excited about, but I haven’t seen my nana in over a YEAR! I’d upload a picture, but she hates taking pictures and she would break my wrist if I tried to take one of her. Me and my nana used to be attached at the hip when I was younger, but now she lives all the way in North Carolina and so I rarely get the chance to visit, but she’s here and will be spending time with us for a couple of weeks! I’m so extremely excited!

  4. We got to 100 subs on the couples channel!

So those are this months blessings. Every month, at the end of the month, you can expect to hear about all of the fantastical things that happen and hopefully you guys will want to share your blessings too because we are ALL blessed! Even if all you have to say is that you’re alive! There’s no greater blessing than that, right?

What are some wins that you had this month? Share some down below in the comments!

New posting schedule

 Now that Blogtober is over, we are back to regularly scheduled programming! Since I launched the blog with Blogtober, you probably don’t know what regularly scheduled programming is! So from now on you can expect a new blog post every single Monday! You may get an extra post just for the heck of it, but Monday’s are a definite!

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the email list exclusive giveaways, discounts, freebies, and more will all be coming soon just for those signed up to the email list! I hope you guys enjoyed Blogtober! Share your thoughts down below and let me know if you think I should do Blogmas too!

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