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May’s Blessings!

It’s already about to  be June. This month went by QUICKLY. I have been doing sooo much this month which is why I haven’t been seen on the blog lately. I apologize for my absence, but I am back now! I have a LOT of different content and things planned for this blog so I hope you guys are ready!

I cannot lie, this month has been a difficult one. I had a whole lot of things planned and a LOT of unplanned things got in the way. Life, you know? That’s why the end of the month is so important to me because it definitely helps my mental health to reflect on what positive things that happened instead of allowing myself to dwell on the negative.

Hopefully this can inspire you to take time to reflect on the good things happening in your life. You may find you are more blessed than you thought.

May’s Blessings

  1. I got a new and BETTER job. My previous job wasn’t terrible, but there were some things going on in my personal life that made the stuff I had to deal with at work more than frustrating. The new job I had I am making more money than before and literally working less than half the time I was which gives me LOTS more time to work on my business and this blog! This is super exciting and I am about to STUNT as I grow.                                                    

  1. Expanded my business services. Speaking of working on my business, I have spent the majority of May working on stuff for my online services. I have expanded the team of CherishingFlo and by doingso I am able to take on more clients AND offer more services. I now have added: Pinterest Management, Website Design and Support, Business Consulting, and a few other things to go along with my social media services. If this is something that interests you while you’re trying to start your business, head over to the work with me page and see what I could do for you! 

  1. More really cool brand offers. I am FINALLY getting offers from brands that actually interest me and I want to use. Both clothing brands AND brands that utilize things to help me get my health together which is what I have been LOOKING for! Now all I need is a coffee brand to reach out and I am in there like swimwear! *cough cough* STARBUCKS *cough*  

  1. YouTube Growth. If you are a repeat subscriber then you may remember me talking about how I got my first 1k views on my YouTube Channel in last months blessings post. Well, this month the 1k views has been happening multiple times for multiple posts. My watchtime has increased greatly and I added recently weekly livestreams to get more personable with my subscribers and my first one went SO WELL. This excited me to my core and I ALSO have been growing and working on my couples channel now that my boyfriend is back in town. 

Despite all of the foolery that happened this month, I actually had a very good month and I am really happy to have gotten where I am with this month. It has been an uphill battle, but I have been winning and I will continue to win. How was the month of May for you? I hope the month of June brings all of you growth and happiness!

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