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May's Blessings

Welcome back to the monthly blessings segment!

I'm super excited about this month's highlights because this month was especially hard for me. I went through a lot of changes and certain things have shifted. Some of them are painful. Some of them are not.

Since I've struggled so much, focusing on what the positives are and how I was able to be successful in some little but impactful ways.

So let's get itttttt!!

May's Blessings/Highlights

I added to my team

My team went from 2-4 this past month and we are going to have a lot more help which I am ultra excited about!!!!

I moved into a new place!

Now this move happened extremely unexpectedly and was very stressful, but I move in tomorrow (at the time I'm writing this) and it is my first choice, beautiful, and has a hot tub on the premises!

I managed to pull myself back up

I started this month down, depressed, and angry. But after all the craziness that took place, I began to realize how God has been setting me up to be in the best position and I could not be more grateful.

These are my big changes in this past month, share down below your highlights for the month of May!


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