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March's Highlights/Blessings

It is time for another month of monthly blessings!

Y'all already know I absolutely love monthly blessings because it is a chance to highlight all of the great things that have happened this month!

I be skipping months sometimes just because I can't write them in advance like I do most content so sometimes it slips my mind! But I didn't forget this month and I am READY to get to sharing my monthly blessings (maybe some from February too) cause they have been a PLENTY.

Please let this post inspire you to take stock of your blessings as well!

March's Blessings

I started my channel with my best friend

We've been talking about this channel for a couple of years and FINALLY, it is now officially a thing! You can go check out our channel here. There is lots of good content to come!

Blog views made a big jump!

I will admit I've been trash for the past whole freaking year promoting this blog. Finally this past month or so I've gotten my life together... kinda.. and been promoting the blog way more so blog views are moving back up.. they were so stagnant for a while (a sign for all you bloggers out there to promote the crap out of your blog).

Income continuing to increase

My business has been doing some THANGS and I have reached an income goal that I had aimed to have by the end of the 2nd quarter before the 2nd quarter even began! I couldn't be more excited! It is going to make investing in my business and this blog easier and I am EXCITED!!!

My assistant is back

For those of you that don't know, my assistant is my sister and she had been on maternity leave for half of January and all of February taking care of my niece (whom I am obsessed with she's so cute)... it was TOUGH without her help. But now she's back and I feel a little lighter knowing things are getting handled by her.

Became an auntie!

This happened in January but since I never did a blessings post in January I'm bout to brag about my niece! I am so excited because it's my first time being an auntie and I have all the intent to spoil! Whoop Whoop!

There's actually probably lots more but these are the ones that are at the top of my head. 2022 is being good to me so far.

Count your blessings! What great things have been happening for you lately?


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