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March’s Blessings/Highlights!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

So, you guys I DIDN’T DO A MONTHLY BLESSINGS SEGMENT IN FEBRUARY. Why? Well, I got super preoccupied with all of the changes happening in my life. I completely forgot to do it, plus I let it slip since February was a shorter month. So technically, today will be a combination of February and March’s blessings!

IF YOU ARE NEW TO CHERISHINGFLO, well, first subscribe if you like the blog posts you’ve come across so far and want more motivation. Also, I do a segment at the end of every month where I share the highlights/blessings that I was blessed to have experienced in that month. I believe that taking the time to recognize all of the great things that happen in your life is important for your mental health. Plus, I want to share all of the things I am grateful for with you guys (whom I am also grateful for). So let’s get into this month’s segment!

March’s (and technically February’s as well) Blessings!!

  1. More client leads. If you do not know, I am a social media manager and consultant on a freelance basis. I help small bloggers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs grow their online presence. These past couple of months I have gained QUITE A FEW new client leads. I have turned down a lot (I don’t accept just anyone: business tip), but I have also filled up a lot of spots and will SOON have a full roster if things keep going at this rate! It is super exciting to have more people interested in investing in their crafts and reaching out to little ole me to help them grow!!

  2. Took an awesome Pinterest course that, once I implemented, has greatly increased my traffic. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATED Pinterest. I used to complain about it alllll the time. I thought it was ridiculously time consuming and didn’t even make any sense. THEN, I took this BOMB *Pinterest E-Course*. I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING from it as I had read blog post after blog post on Pinterest and nothing really made much difference. This course broke it down for me from top to bottom on how to set up my Pinterest for success and strategies to help with growth. I have already (it has been about a month and a half) seen double the Pinterest traffic. It has made SUCH a huge difference. So, i signed up for the affiliate program! If it is something you’re interested in, trust me, IT WILL HELP get traffic to your website!!

  3. Got to see my love! You would only know this if you’re subscribed to my YouTube Channel or maybe in the email list (hint, hint), but in January my boyfriend of almost 3 years moved to another state to go to school. It was super last minute and an EXTREMELY difficult transition. However, we have been handling it super well and since the beginning of February he has made TWO trips down. One was for a weekend and the most recent was for a week. I always love when he’s here and I miss him so much so I am SUPER glad I got to see him.                                   

  1. Participated in more self-love and care. I suck at taking care of myself. My friends are constantly cursing me out for it. I am a workaholic who is forever forgetting to relax and just take care of myself. In the past couple months I have made a special effort to take care of myself and relax. It has been WONDERFUL. I have started getting manicures again and I have even allowed myself to spend money on myself (something I never really do). I cannot promise that it’ll be a regular thing but it IS something I had wanted to intentionally do and I did it and I am very proud of myself for doing it and working hard enough to be able to do it.

  2. I GAINED WEIGHT. You guys, I kid you not, I have been stuck at 90 pounds most of my life. I have a hard time gaining weight and if I so much as skip ONE meal, I will lose five pounds. It is ridiculous. I have a hard time sticking to a gain weight diet or workout routine because my routines and my life is constantly changing. However in the month of February I gained 4 pounds FOR NO REASON. I didn’t do anything different, but I just put on some weight. 4 pounds for me is a LOT for weight gain so I was super pumped. I think I may stick to yoga and just let my body do what it wants.

  3. I GOT TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND. Y’all I LOVE my best friend. She is a fellow blogger and youtuber and we connect in every way possible. I don’t get to see her often because we have a long distance friendship, but she came and spent five days here with me at the beginning of this month. We did multiple video collabs together and it was a LOT of fun. (Can catch our collabs on the channel HERE). I am really glad I got to spend some quality time with her. It was well needed.

  1. I started improving on my content creation on YouTube. I have spent the past month or so focusing on posting on Youtube. I had always neglected YouTube and didn’t put as much effort into it as I could. But I got myself a new intro, I started paying more attention to actual thumbnails. I’VE MADE IT TO 500 SUBS. I really have been putting work on that channel and you guys have noticed and shown me love and I REALLY appreciate it! If you guys haven’t seen the YouTube Channel lately, definitely go check that out and let me know on there if you came from the blog!

Clearly, the past couple of months have been good to me. And you know what? It is only going to get SO MUCH better from here. I have so much more planned and that is in store, I CANNOT WAIT to tell you guys more about it all in the future.

What are some amazing things that have happened for you this month? No blessing is too small you guys! It’s important to be grateful for your victories!