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March’s Blessings

In this time of coronavirus madness and panic, I think it’s even more so important that we y’all about what we’re grateful for. Gratitude is an important part of mental health and moving forward in life. I know a lot of people are scared, but I choose to think on positivity instead of worrying myself silly.

So here are my highlights and blessings of the month!

March’s Blessings/Highlights

I saw my boyfriend

When I first wrote this, he was only supposed to be home a week but now he‘s here for a much longer time and I’m grateful we’ve been able to spend so much extra time together.

Stayed healthy & same

The coronavirus has had people acting absolutely ridiculously. There has been fights and panic and for someone like me, with anxiety and depression, I’ve been handling it fairly well. I did have a series of panic attacks within the first day it was made public, but then I calmed down.

Didn’t lose Clients

During this time a lot of people were laid off And I was concerned my business would take a hit, but people have had more need for assistance because they are utilizing this time to really focus on their businesses and that’s a definite positive.

Spent time with my family

Both of my sisters are in town for social distancing tome and while the circumstances aren’t great, I’m so glad they are here because I love them And dont get to see them as often as I’d like.

Its important to focus on positive things right now, so what are some positive Things that happened to you in the month of March?

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