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Leveling Up the Exterior of Your Home

Have you been in your home for the last few years and realized while you improved the inside to your standards, the outside might need time for a new makeover? Whether you want to just give it a few new repairs or go all out and change everything, you also want to make sure that you have experts assisting you along the way. Incorporating a new roof is one way to give your home a huge level up. It can change the entire outcome of how your home is viewed, giving it a more modern, updated, and overall, safe touch for your family. I’ll share more leveling-up tips below!

  1. Fencing Update: Does your fence need an update? You might not realize the small cracks, the nails sticking out, or paint chipping from years of hard storms, debris, and more. An idea to update your fence could be a huge level up in the exterior and welcoming part of your home. Brazilian Wood Depot offers a variety of gorgeous fences that will make your home stand out among the rest. Ipe fences are popular amongst homeowners with their gorgeous colors, longevity, and ability to withstand harsh weather year after year. Be sure to check out the numerous reviews the company shares for those looking to work on this!

  2. Adding Landscaping: A little landscaping can make a huge difference to your home. There is something about adding greenery and pops of color that can transform your home exterior into an updated, well-loved home. One tip can be to do it in stages. One tip is to pick your height plant such as large shrubs or trees for shade. Look into your flowering shrubs such as butterfly bushes, hydrangea, or roses to also bring some color to your landscaping. You can also add accents of hanging baskets and containers around the front or back area of your yard.

  3. Painting Your Home: An easy way to level up the exterior of your home is by adding a new color of paint. While painting the entire home a different color can be expensive, you could also just do your front door as well. There are many gorgeous exterior colors that really can complement various styles of homes. Popular colors right now are black, blue, and white. For front doors, think neutral ranges such as greys or bold colors like green or even pink! The sky's the limit for the front door and it’s an easy way to update and do a weekend project!

  4. Sprucing Up Your Front Porch: One of the easiest ways to work on your home you can add a comfortable seating area such as a rocking chair, swing, or various wicker seating. Another idea could be adding some personal touches like a cute sign, flowers, or a fun and witty doormat. You can add layering aspects to your doormats with colors for a border and then a fun laying on top or a mat coordinates with the season.

  5. Brass Fixtures: This metal can bring a shiny appeal to a home but you do not want to overboard from this fad in the 90s. Instead, shoot for oil-rubbed bronze fixtures on your front door and porch. An inviting front door can improve the home’s curb appeal, whether you are wanting to sell your home in the future or this is your forever home.

There are many other ways to spruce up your home’s exterior besides what I shared above. Exterior impressions are important so you want to make sure the exterior of your home is as attractive as possible. Take in the professional advice if you want on ways you can add a more modern or personal touch to the exterior of your home, look at Pinterest and put together a board to help bring some visions to life, or even just ask neighbors, family and friends their input as well.


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