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Lessons We Can Learn From Children

I love kids. They are earth’s innocent and I strongly feel they are greatly under appreciated. I used to work as a nanny and at daycare centers and for a long time, that’s all that I wanted to do. I loved each child I came across because they all brought such uniqueness. At the toddler age, they are so…. themselves. I loved how simple it was to make them happy and how quickly they bounced back after being knocked down. Working with children inspired me to live my life a little more childlike.

I know that may sound weird, but hear me out. Working with kids I learned a lot. I can honestly say I learned more from those children (including infants) than most adults I’ve come across combined. That includes the ones who give speeches, thinking they are so wise and have so much to teach me.

What can we learn from children?

  1. How to be genuine. No one is more honest than a child. If a baby likes you, they like you. They’ll smile at you, reach for you, and play with you. You never question if a baby really cares for you as much as they act like they do when they’re loving on you. Adults? I’ve seen adults pretend to think the world of me for their own hidden agenda. Everyone puts on a mask for the sake of reputation or career. Kids just react how they feel. They are raw and real. While I understand that as adults, we have to behave a certain way for professionalism’s sake and maturity, but I also feel that if we were more honest with ourselves and others with how we feel about things, we would at least know who our real friends are and who is just around because of a part we’re playing to appease them. That’s something I feel we can learn from these little humans.

  2. How to love EVERYONE. Working with children, I quickly learned that prejudice and hateful behavior is a learned behavior. When they are young and impressionable still, kids will walk up to one another no matter what they look like and want to play. They will not decide they don’t like someone because their different. If anything, they’re more drawn to them. They aren’t instant judges and that’s one of my favorite things about those untainted minds. Us as adults see things or lifestyles we don’t approve of and we give cold shoulder to those people who fit that criteria. I’ve seen too many times people get treated like less than human because of race or sexual orientation. A toddler won’t cry at a man because he chooses a different sexual orientation. They don’t care. That’s something that us adults could definitely learn from.

  3. How to have fun. Some of my best times were in the classroom with three year olds. Kids let loose. Half of the time they don’t even care about rhythm or if they’re doing a dance move right. They’re just moving to have fun. I love how free kids are to just enjoy themselves. The simplest things make them laugh and it’s so easy to turn their frown upside down. As adults, we act like life is so horrible that we need to be intoxicated with alcohol or something in order to have a good time. Sitting and laughing with children over stupid things has stuck with me. Now I find myself laughing at the simplest things that bring me joy  and because of that, I am forever grateful for those adorable crumb snatchers I had the honor to work with.

  4. How To try new stuff. Children, especially toddlers, are fearless. They put anything into their mouths to taste it. If they’ve never had it before and you offer it to them, they rarely hesitate to try it. Why? Because their curious and they let their curiosity lead them to new things. One of the best things I saw while working in a toddler classroom was how many things a child figured out that they enjoyed just because of their curiosity and lack of hesitation to explore that. I would love to be brave like that. As adults, we have so many more things that we could experience if we would just have the same amount of bravery as these little ones. I’m not saying we should pick up dirt and taste it, but we could definitely learn from their sense of adventure!

Sitting here And talking about all of the things we could learn from children makes me miss working with them. I had some of the best experiences working with kids. They were sweet and funny. I’m getting all emotional just thinking about the times I watched some baby first steps and things.

What are some things you feel we could learn from kids? If you have kids of your own, what are some things they may have taught you so far? Do you think any of the lessons I named was something you think you yourself could benefit from learning? Comment down below you guys!

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