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June's Highlights

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Welcome to June's Highlights!

I love sharing the monthly blessings and things I was able to accomplish or experience!!!

June's highlights

  • One of my best friends got married. My bestie was a BEAUTIFUL bride and we really slayed the whole wedding thing. I am so proud of her and happy for her that she has been able to have this experience and I cannot wait to see all her and her husband has to come.

  • Another best friend got engaged. Crazily enough, our trio has had a marriage and two (next one announced next) engagements in 2021 and I am just amazed at how adult we all are. How weird.

  • I GOT ENGAGED! TADOOOWWWW. Check out our couples channel and subscribe because our entire journey towards marriage and getting our new apartment is all going to be shared. We intend to do more travel vlogs and sharing about our life in Atlanta and I am hella excited about it WOOHOO!!

  • Made it through retrograde. I didn't know what this was until it hit and I was going through. Suddenly I and countless others were struggling to be productive, but somehow I not only made it through but I thrived and was able to sit down a little bit but things still moved like clockwork.

  • Increased my monthly income. Between e-books, e-course, business, YouTube, new nanny job, write therapy notes on the side, and brand deals, I have greatly increased my income. It sounds like I'm super busy, but honestly, aside from the couple days of the week I'm nannying, I'm only working a few hours a day doing all of these things! Let me know if you guys want a whole blog post on this!


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