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June's Blessings

I am sooooo ready for this month's monthly blessings segment cause LET ME TELL Y'ALL, this month has been good to me!

You guys know (if you are not new here) that the purpose of these blessings posts is to remind you guys of the IMPORTANCE of gratitude and going back and looking at your accomplishments. So make sure that after reading this post you reflect on all of your wins for the month!

June's Blessings/Highlights

Business been poppin

I started offering a new service (tweet writing packages) and you guys have been LOVING it. I've gotten more consistent ongoing clients as well and so the business has been going great. It's been overwhelming but my team and I are LOVING it.

I've been having a lot of fun

Those of you that know me, Cherishingflo Fam, know that I tend to be a workaholic and spend entirely too much time working and not enough time taking care of myself. I can honestly say that I have prioritized balance this month and while it has been a successful business month, it has also been a really great month for me just winding down and enjoying my success as well.

I'm living with my niece!

My sister and I got an apartment together to be closer and support each other (she is my assistant and also has a baby, so it helps for us to both be around each other to help each other). Because of that, I am front row to seeing the growth of my niece and her development and honestly, it has been the BEST time ever for me.

I've spent more time with family

Aside from my niece, I have also gotten to see my dad more, my youngest sister, my other sister is coming along with my mom soon, and I've been in more contact with my cousins! I have been having a blast with even my adopted family (My Niece's God family) and I've loved that!

Overall this month has been amazing mentally, emotionally, and business wise so I am so grateful and it will only continue to progress!

Drop some of your blessings this month in the comments!

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