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January's Highlights/Blessings

I am a big fan of this segment because it gives me an excuse to look at all of the awesome things that has happened for me. I absolutely love it. For those of you that don't know, my monthly blessings segment is where I take time at the end of every month to reflect on the things I am happy happened, big or small.

I hope that everyone joins in with me in this positive reflection as it keeps our lives in perspective.

January's Blessings

Got back to YouTube

If you are subscribed to the YouTube Channel (subscribe here) then you know that for a few weeks I took a major break from recording and uploading but now I am BACK and uploading regularly on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Influencer opportunities shot up significantly

I have gotten a LOT more opportunities to represent brands and try new things and I am so excited!

Began to feel spiritually stronger

I am really happy about this one

Hired a new graphic designer for Pinterest

I HATE creating pins... AND SO I hired someone new to do that for me an I FINALLY think I found the right person so within the next couple weeks you may see a major upgrade in pin graphics *twerks in joy*

Started waking up at 6AM AGAIN

My sleep schedule was thrown SO off and it was impacting every area of my life, BUT I have finally gotten back to my schedule and am going to challenge myself to start waking up at 5:30 AM in February (stay tuned) and I am hoping to be a 5AMer by the end of the year because I live that boss lifestyle.... and also because my goal is to be one working every day by noon for the most part once I am working from home full-time.

I was actually able to get a lot of things done this year and I am so happy and excited about what the rest of the year has to come!

What were your favorite parts of the month?