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Is your mental health blocking the growth of your business?

Mental health has become such an important thing to me. I have depression and anxiety and when those two erupt in my life things can get SHAKY.

But the crazy part is... it was impacting me and my business for a long time and I didn't even recognize it until me and my therapist had a lovely chat.

Now mental health problems don't have to mean you suffer from depression or anything else. It can simply mean you're depressed (there is a difference). You could be burnt out or neglecting yourself. All of these things can impact your mental health which can impact your business.

So if you're unsure if your mental health is keeping you from growing your business, here are some signs:

Signs Your Mental Health is Blocking the Growth of Your Business

You're not getting things done, even the stuff you'd normally enjoy doing

When you're down, it can be hard to do even the things you're passionate about. I love to write but when I am depressed I cannot BRING myself to write a single word. It sucks but I know that's when it's time to check in with myself.

The quality of your work is staggering

Sometimes we get in these ruts and our work suffers because our head is not in the right place. That's okay. Just find your way back to you.

You aren't having positive thoughts about your business

This is something I think most business owners go through. You find your business not doing as well or isn't growing as fast and depression kicks in. Then you're thinking the business isn't worth it or you should quit. I had the exact same thought just a couple of months ago despite the amazing growth my business has gathered since this year began. But my depression let me think my business wasn't worth it but trust me.. our dreams are always worth it.

How to handle this (in a healthy way)

  • Take a break. Slow your roll. Walk away from it if you need to.

  • Switch up your schedule. Stop forcing yourself to work in the mornings and at night or vice versa. Switch up your morning or night routine.

  • Outsource. If you are giving the things that drain you to someone who loves it, it can make those moments of downtime easier because you know your business is still productive in your absence.

  • Break down your tasks. Don't worry about what you haven't done... do the next small thing that you can bring yourself to do.

  • Therapy. IT SAVES LIVES. Lord knows it saved mine.

  • Find an outlet completely separate from work and your business. Lately, I've been getting into painting and coloring and the ability to do that without having to think about it has honestly made such a difference for me and my productivity.

It's okay to not be okay sometimes. And it's okay to acknowledge that sometimes that impacts your business, but it won't always be like that. This too shall pass.


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