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Is it too late to start a blog in 2021?

Recently, I have been being asked if it is too late for someone to start a successful blog in 2021. There are a LOT of bloggers out there right now. Of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes that can be intimidating.

So maybe it is too late to start a blog because it is too saturated, right? WRONG.

Let me start off by saying.. NO it is not too late to start a blog in 2021. In fact, now is the BEST time to start your blog!


  1. People still LOVE blogs. I read blogs daily and so do LOTS of other people when they google something online.

  2. The internet may be saturated, but YOU will always be missing from the market until you hop on in!

  3. "Too saturated" is a huge cop out. There is nothing new under the sun so of COURSE everything is going to feel saturated. Do you ever say "there's so many employees at McDonalds, isn't it too late to apply?" Nope. You don't. It doesn't matter how many people are involved, YOU can still jump in and stand out.

How To Start A Successful Blog

Here are some quick success tips:

Market yourself.

Market yourself! Learn Twitter, Pinterest, and other socials to be able to successfully promote yourself. For blogging, I personally love Pinterest and Twitter. I learned Pinterest using two e-courses that I will quickly share with you guys. Ell Duclos' Pinterest and Tailwind e-course that I loved because it really breaks down a lot of things and a great addition to that was this Pinterest e-course that solidified what I learned with Ell and added to it. Between these two, I learned so much and my Pinterest analytics skyrocketed and so did my blog!

Twitter also helped a lot because this is where bloggers definitely interact with each other the most. The more you share and interact here, the more support from other bloggers you will receive.


I HATE SEO, but it is important in order to grow your blog. SEO is search engine optimization which really is a fancy way of saying keywords that are searchable in google. You want people to be able to find you, simply by typing in what your blog post is about.


My biggest advice for every client I get and every content creator I come across is to be YOURSELF. Let your personality show. When people fall in love with you, they'll fall in love with your business and that is pretty much exactly what blogging is. It is a business. The best part about it being a business is that it is a business that you can make money from just by being yourself.


You won't be able to learn all the real time lessons until you put yourself out there! Just go ahead and get started. Its okay to mess up or to grow slow, but growth cannot happen without effort.

Don't be afraid to start your blog in 2021. We welcome you to the blogging community.

Are you going to start your blog this year?


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