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Is being a YouTuber worth it?

One thing I have learned lately is that people who find out I make money from my YouTube Channel, always tend to think that I must be hella rich because of YouTube and also that it is a sweet and cushion-y job.

The truth is, it's not as easy as you'd think to make a real income from YouTube. I know people with 20,000 YouTube subscribers who barely make over $1,000. Well... I have 2,000+ subscribers... so... think about that.

The truth is, YouTube has brought me a lot of financial success due to much more than its AdSense program. While what I make from YouTube is nice, how I ACTUALLY make money from YouTube is a little bit different.

- I used YouTube to promote my business.

Doing this has lead to e-book sales, potential clients for my social media management business, blog subscribers, and more!

- I gain sponsored posts.

Working with brands and companies has made me more money on YouTube than Adsense. Brands are getting wise and realizing the value of a small influencer and a simple mention in a video has made all the difference.

I created a video over a YEAR ago about a horrible client and believe it or not? I RECEIVED OVER 20 DISCOVERY CALLS FROM THAT ONE VIDEO.

YouTube gives your audience a chance to see you as a person and not just as a business owner. This makes people fall in love with who I am and has done wonders for my business.

PLUS... Being a YouTuber is a lot of fun!


I am not going to say that being a YouTuber is a sure way to get rich because that's BS and I've never been one for the BS. But I WILL say that YouTube is one of THE best tools to get creative, make money, and provide a more interactive platform for your business or brand.

Are you a YouTuber? Tell me what your channel is about.


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