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Instagram Accounts You Should Follow!

I am a FIRM believer that social media can be a platform that energizes and inspires you if you suit your virtual environment to your personality. What does that mean? Basically, who you follow on Instagram has a huge impact on your environment and level of toxicity online.

I hear people say all the time that social media is negative and toxic, but for me thats not the case because I only follow people who make me smile or feel positively. I follow those who inspire me. That is exactly why I am sharing some of the accounts I follow on Instagram so that you can start following accounts that makes you feel refreshed when you get online!

NO IM NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA 24/7, too much of anything is negative. But it’s important to not blame social media for what YOU choose to allow on your platforms.

IG Accounts You Should Follow


I love this account because it is always encouraging women and talking about how we are still good women even if we don’t fit some of society’s rules of womanhood.


I love her business aesthetic and she always inspires me to up my game in my business.


This is actually a clothing boutique page but they always have inspiring content. And the fashions are super cute!


He’s just pure comedy. I like to laugh and he makes me laugh lol. So if you like silly people, he’s the one. Plus his personality is vibrant and loving and I absolutely love that!

Rickey Thompson

He is also hilarious but he has a certain sense of inspiration that is both funny, obnoxious, and also MOTIVATING. I could listen to some of his inspiration videos in the morning and get a burst of energy and a laugh all at once. It’s great!

Tell me who are your fave accounts to follow?

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