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Inspiring Women To Follow On Social Media

When people say to create an environment that promotes growth, that includes your social media environment.

Who you follow is your online environment and can help inspire you. When I look at my socials, I see things that fill me, and that matters so I want to share with you a few of the people I follow that do that for me.



I follow her on Instagram and Twitter and her page STAYS inspiring me. She is a phenomenal black woman who is the CEO of buildtoimpact, runs a coaching business, and other money-making ventures. She teaches you how to believe in yourself, make money moves, and I LOOOOOVE her content. She is definitely a must-follow.

Amy Landino

I've been watching her on YouTube for YEARS and she is a bestselling author, sells a planner which I love, makes money from YouTube, and is crazy good at educating online how to be productive as a boss and not lose your marbles! She is really authentic which I appreciate because I am a quirky person myself so I love quirky people. She is honest about balance and lately has been posting vlogs on YouTube that I have LOVED!

Erin On Demand

Another YouTuber and serial entrepreneur that I adore. I used to watch her YouTube videos CONSTANTLY. She is all about brand building and making money online and is another amazeballs black woman killing it online. I am all about people like this because it reminds me of where I am trying to go and inspires me to keep going until I get there.


This brand is actually more about self-love and going for your goals. Candace, the founder, is all about learning how to ferociously love yourself and has created a membership group, based in Texas, to hold you accountable and help you accomplish your goals but NOT alone! Her content reminds me about being Ferocious and loving me some me while simultaneously going for the life I want!

Erin Henry

Last but not least, ErinMayHenry is one of my fave online people. I've watched her on YouTube for years but one of the main reasons I am mentioning her now is because of how she has changed her image slightly online. She used to be very "professional" and "aesthetic" but recently has turned to more authentic and being herself. She no longer minds looking silly because it's who she is and I LOVE that. She is promoting such positive energy while also promoting being a girl boss and I absolutely love her for it! She is a must-follow!

So, this is the list. Now, I cannot say that any of these women are quite exactly like me nor are they in fields I necessarily want to be in, but all are online business owners with YouTube Channels and Blogs... and they all have core commonalities with me such as productivity, loving yourself, and being a boss ass bitch so following them is ALWAYS inspirational and pushes me to my best self. Plus, they each are themselves which reminds me of how important that is as well.

Who do you feel is a MUST follow on Instagram.

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