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How Your Mindset is Impacting Your Income

I've learned in the past year and even the past few months how serious mindset blocks were. I've had so many within my own business that I didn't even realize just how much I was stifling my business and its growth.

As I learned more about how to better my money mindset... I realized I am perfectly capable of building the wealth I want for myself!

So I decided I wanted to share more about what I've learned and I know it is possible that a lot of people out there will relate to this.

How Your Mindset is Impacting Your Income

Your words reveal your thoughts (and they ain't money friendly)

How often do you say things like "I'm broke" and "I'm not making enough". Or how often did you doubt that you could make 5K in a month? I used to be too intimidated to charge what my business is worth because I was worrying about nobody wanting to pay me. I had to switch the things I said to myself because your subconscious doesn't know the difference and that "I'm broke" energy will be manifested just as quickly as "I'm successful" will. You've got to be clear about what you want. If you want 5K months, you've gotta start talking and thinking like someone who knows it's coming.

Your discomfort talking about money gives you away

Now, I am not the type to publicize exactly how much money I make, but when I am talking to others about business and financing, I have learned to become way more comfortable sharing my income goals. The mindset of someone who is afraid to talk about money, money goals, money plans, etc. is the mindset of someone who does not feel worthy to talk about themselves in association with wealth. I'm not saying you should be telling everyone how much money you make, but if you're uncomfortable hearing about someone making 10K in their business or talking about how investments, business expenses, wealth steps, and what it takes... your thinking is construed somehow.

Your fears are keeping you from moving forward

This was me. I struggled with the thought of my business going to the next step we're working on right now because I would be stepping into an income I'd never seen before and it was intimidating to me. I kept asking myself "am I ready to handle this much money?". Until one day my dad was telling me my thoughts would keep me from ever getting there. There was a time when I couldn't even imagine 2K a month working for myself, but I did it because I knew I could make that much outside of my business. I had to learn that I am capable and I WILL make my goals for this business. 30K a month for my business is not too high of a goal no matter what I've made for my business.

Now, just in case you're thinking I'm just talking... when I recognized the impact my fears had on my growth and I started taking my manifestation journey more seriously and working on my mindset blocks, that is when I realized just how impactful my mind is. Within a month, I had doubled my average client leads, and website views, and got 50K - 100K positions brought to me that I never even applied for!

This boosted my confidence in my manifestation journey even more so and that has propelled the growth for me and my business by a LOT.

Do any of these sound like you? Comment below if you want a blog post on how to start tackling these money mindset blocks!


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