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How To Use Twitter For Your Business in 2020

I absolutely love Twitter as you guys know. Twitter has actually found itself to be incredibly useful to my business in the past. A big chunk of my Target Audience for the influencer side of my life interacts with me on Twitter.

However, Twitter can also be used for business. I have gained clients from the platform in the past and had successful marketing campaigns for my business and my clients using Twitter, but how do you use Twitter for your business? Keep reading to find out.

How To Use Twitter For Your Business

Grow your following

Gain more attention to your profile and gain the attention of your Target Audience (in order to do this you must know your target audience).

Promote ads for your email list

First of all, if you don't have an email list, you're already behind and need to get one. Twitter, because it uses keywords to gain traction moreso than other platforms without the need of hashtags, is a great platform to promote freebies for people to sign up to your email list! Visuals on Twitter are popular and will gain people's attention.


Even though I just said you can gain attention using keywords, you still can utilize hashtags popular with your target audience. This will take some research but will definitely help.

Learn more about the interests of your audience

If your audience is on Twitter, it will be fairly easy and extremely beneficial to find out what your audience is talking about. What are the trending topics among them? You can use this to curate your content specifically for them.

Make your pinned tweet count

Your pinned tweet will be the first thing people see when they click on your profile. SO you want whatever your pinned tweet to be something that converts to clicks and leads to your business.

Respond to Dm's

Interacting and responding to your audience when they reach out to you is always a MUST. People don't appreciate being ignored and want to feel as if your business cares about their questions and concerns. So answer people's questions and take heed to any complaints if you get them


Twitter has a LOT of people on there and tweeting is really the main thing you can do on there so you want to make sure your tweets are being seen and not getting lost in the sauce of people's feed. This means you want to be re-tweeting a lot and tweeting a lot more. Twitter accounts that are very active with tweeting are a lot more popular than accounts that tweet only as often as they post on Instagram.

So this is how you can utilize your business on Twitter and bring even more attention to your sites. Do you have a Twitter account?