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How To Use Instagram Reels + Tik Tok to Grow Your Business

Instagram and Tik Tok have been sweeping the nation and my clients are STRESSED.

I often talk to clients and potential clients about the importance of video marketing and it is definitely a must-have for the sake of truly growing your business utilizing platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

So, here's a guide on how you can use these platforms to build your brand awareness and truly grow your business.

How To Use Instagram Reels + Tik Tok to Grow Your Business

Stop overthinking it

The biggest issue I've seen from clients is putting too much thought into video marketing. You wanna know what one of my client's most popular reel is? One of her walking and all you see in the video is her shoes with a motivational sound. SIMPLE. You do not have to dance. You do not have to get on camera with a ridiculous amount of unrealistic energy. None of those things are necessary.

Share behind the scenes

A super simple way to utilize your reels and tik tok marketing is to show your audience the real look of your behind-the-scenes process. For me, that may be how I create content for myself or my clients. For a nail tech, it could be how she sets up her office before her clients arrive. For a makeup artist, it could be how she cleans her equipment. Everyone has a process and showing that process can help your audience connect with you and your business.

Create how-to's

If you are a DIY party planner, a great way to solidify your expertise is to break down how to do certain DIY decorations. You could create a how-to design a birthday party from scratch. If you are a life coach the how-to's for bettering your life could be rolling off your tongue. Reels are great for taking longer-form content (like blogs like this and carousel content with steps) and turning it into something fun, quick, and eye-catching.


Don't feel comfortable acting out and dancing or being goofy on camera? Talk. Simply share your knowledge verbally. You can add a trending sound and mute it or turn it down so that you pop up but the music isn't drowning out your voice and instead adds a vibe to the content. I've had reels and Tik Tok videos of me just speaking that lead to discovery calls and clients because just talking and sharing what I know about social media growth is extremely impactful.

Repurpose and educate

Utilizing already created content makes content creation so easy and simple. For example, this blog post here... I intend to use it for both a Twitter thread as well as a reel on Instagram. Look back at content that was a carousel or had points in the caption or you created a previous long-form content from and revamp it into a reel. You could record footage of you working or of nature while you're walking outside. It can be so easy!

These are the simplest and most stress-free ways to utilize video marketing on Instagram and Tik Tok, especially for those who are just hesitant to get on video!

Here are some more quick little tips:

  1. Follow trends in your own way. Stop trying to perfectly match others when it is YOU that your ideal audience needs.

  2. If you're nervous about your face being on camera, record something else. You don't have to show your face. Show your products or services, show your feet walking, show your hands at work, show your work station.. you've got options!

  3. Find trending sounds to use. You can find trending sounds in the circled part of the image below. If you see that arrow, that sound is trending and probably the sound you wanna look at. Some of these sounds can inspire content in and of itself. So don't neglect it!

Are you ready to get into video marketing with reels and tik tok's? Get it!


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