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How To Take Charge of Your Mental Health

Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions were my own 100% and as you guys know, I won't work with a brand if I don't stand behind them.

Mental health is extremely important. And if you are a busy entrepreneur like me, it can almost seem impossible to actually take charge.

Does this sound like you?

- Stressed out constantly.

- Depression kicking your butt.

- Anxiety ruining your life.

- No clue about hot to actually self care.

Well, self-care gurus will give you lots and lots of ways to self-care and/or take care of your mental health, but let me let you in on a little secret *whispers* You do not have to take hot bubble baths, do weekly face masks, or become an exercising nut to take care of your mental health.

However, in order to take care of your mental health you DO have to be actively doing SOMETHING, but it isn't as complex as you'd think.

So if you're ready to start taking charge of YOUR mental health and start living your best life, LET'S GET INTO IT.

How To Take Charge of Your Mental Health

Lifestyle Changes

This doesn't have to be anything big or dramatic. Small lifestyle changes can actually have MONUMENTAL impact. For example... start going to sleep one hour earlier. Just try that and watch how much more rested you feel. Did you know that sleep directly relates to our mental health? It is a proven fact that lack of sleep effects mood and thought process. So try getting some more sleep. Other examples of small changes is to: consciously smile more, eat healthy (but still delicious foods), stretch for 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning. All of these are pretty simple right? Comment down below if you want me to go more into depth on this!

Brain dump journaling

If your mental health is shaky, this is honestly the best journaling (in my opinion) that you can do. Just wake up.. or even at random throughout the day, get your thoughts down on paper. Now, maybe you don't actually like writing. I can't relate (I mean, clearly as a blogger writing is my thing), BUT I completely understand. It isn't for everybody. So try a recorded journal. Record yourself in voice memos, on a recorder, or even on a camera. You never have to go back and listen unless there's an idea or something you want to remember. It's just something about letting out that negative emotion. It is an extremely powerful thing. I've tried both and both were extremely effective in helping me lighten the mental load.


NOW HEAR ME OUT. I know there is some ridiculous stigma surrounding therapy, but to be honest, therapy is simply a safe place to share your thoughts and emotions with someone who can help you through it. I've experienced therapy first hand and if I hadn't... I probably would be writing this blog from jail (that is not an exaggeration... y'all just don't know). Don't know where to go?

Pay close attention to your environment

This will be the toughest on your list. Why? Because sometimes when we really start to pay attention to what we are surrounded by, a lot of the worst things for our mental health is put there by us. Sometimes it is jobs, friends, romantic relationships. Once you see it, you know you need to remove it and that is going to be the toughest part of your journey. Are you really ready? It's ok... none of us are really. Try Ray of Hope Counseling Services. This organization helps not just the busy entrepreneur, but also has therapy for children, families, couples, and just about ANYONE. If you need help you could definitely get the help here. Best part? They offer online therapy! You can fit getting your help in the middle of the day. Therapy is not a one size fit all. That is where most people make the mistake. One bad therapist means therapy is bad... but no. You have to find someone who makes sense for you. No matter if you need online therapy or therapy in Peachtree City (they also have a lot of other locations around GA), you can schedule a consultation and start the journey to finding your perfect person, which Ray of Hope Counseling Services PRIDES itself on!!


This may sound weird to you, but did you know that anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues are directly related to VitaminB1? The absence of certain nutrients and vitamins can impact our mental health and sometimes we can help combat mental health problems by intaking what's missing using supplements. Some simple suggestions? Take some vitamins for: B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, or folic acid and see if that helps!

These are the tips and I know it may SOUND like a lot, but in reality these are pretty simple ways of taking care of your mental health and trust me.... you are worth it. Wouldn't you agree?


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