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How To Support Your Local Economy

I am a strong believer in supporting your economy and local businesses. As a a=small business owner myself, I recognize the importance of having the support from my community in order to continue to move forward.

I’ve had quite a few local clients that needed help with their social media and they chose me in order to help support local economy and that is a powerful thing.

Why? Well, it is good for the environment because local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint, they are owned and operated by your neighbors, and they are much more accountable.

So let's get into some ways you can start supporting your local economy.


Shop local grocers.

A great way to support the economy is start buying your groceries from locally owned grocery stores. In my experience, the food is fresher anyhow. Don’t know how to find your local grocer? If you go to and type in your postal code you will be able to find locally owned farms and markets near you that you can support in your neighborhood! Get to know the people you buy from by name!

Attend local concerts and events

Community event pages on our county websites often show what is happening for the community. Oftentimes this is a great way to support your local economy AND make some neighborhood connections. One of the best things to me about making an effort to support the local economy is you end up making great connections as well.

Shop small businesses

I live in Atlanta and one of my favorite things about this area is there is no shortlist of small businesses to support. There are lots of clothing stores and tech companies. One of the most interesting local businesses I have come across was Criterion Technology. This company creates sustainable clear component parts molded out of polycarbonate, acrylic, and other sustainabel metals. They create software that protects cameras and sensors that you have to keep them quality.

The reason that I love Criterion so much is not just because of it being local, but it is one of those companies that is local and cares about it’s customer services and quality that shows that local business spirit. Criterion’s injected molded optics also offer protection for 4k camera technology which if you are a creative like me who records YouTube Videos on a 4K quality camera also comes in handy.

Another key way of finding local businesses is to go to and see if you can see what businesses are near you that you can support.