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How To Successfully Work From Home

Updated: May 2, 2021

Pinar Tarhan

I’m a freelance writer, translator, novelist, and blogger. I write about a variety of topics including blogging, freelancing, productivity, relationships, and mental health. I’ve written for CNN, The Washington Post, Horkey Handbook, Body + Soul, and WOW! Women on writing among others.

I watch more Netflix than I should, but I find a way to benefit from it, whether it’s pitching ideas to publications or doing market research and analyzing stories. I’ve published two romantic comedy novels and two guides on how to write romance. I love beach vacations, rock music from the 80s and 90s, traveling abroad, dancing, swimming, and meeting friends for coffee.

1. How do you stay focused working from home?

Pre-pandemic, my favorite three methods were writing at coffee shops, meeting friends, and going dancing. And sometimes, I got to do it all on the same day, ending up happy and very productive.

During the pandemic, I had to give up on all three except for the summer months when cafés were open and it was easier to spend time long time outdoors. And I haven’t been to the dance studio in ages.

Nowadays, I meet with friends for coffee in the park, or take walks by the beach.

2. What's your must-haves to start your work day?

Coffee, water, and a full stomach. I can’t work if I’m hungry, sleepy, or dehydrated.

3. Do you workout from home or leave to go to the gym?

I used to go dancing both for fun and exercise, but since studios closed, I work out at home. I prefer short stretches in the morning and some dancing whenever I feel like it.

Because I listen to fast rock music primarilwork outy, even two songs give me great cardio.

4. Best part about working from home?

The complete control over your time and activities. You can do whatever you want, however you want it.

5. Worst part about working from home?

Isolation. It can get lonely, boring, or less creative. This is one of the reasons I love coffee shops. You see people, and you change your environment.

6. What does your morning routine look like?

I’m not great at routines. But I do love starting work right after breakfast with a cup of coffee.