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How To Stop Settling For Less

You are amazing. You deserve the world. And if you clicked on this, then you know that in your life majorly or minorly you’ve settled For less Than what you want which is basically less than what you deserve because as I said before, you deserve the world.

So how do we stop this? How do we stop allowing ourselves to accept less than what we need to fulfill ourselves?

Keep reading to find out how to stop settling.

How To Stop Settling For Less

Stop making excuses for the disrespect of others

One habit some of us tend to have is to allow treatment we don’t deserve by overly empathizing with someone else’s issues. Life problems doesn’t excuse disrespect to those who have done nothing to deserve it. If someone is mistreating you, acknowledge that is what is happening and stop excusing it because there’s no excuse and you don’t deserve it.

Check your environment

What kind of friends do you surround yourself with? Do they encourage and motivate you to push yourself to do better? Do they respect you? Do they have your back? These are all important qualities. Your environment should be full of people who support you having the things you want in life.

Know your worth (AND ADD TAX)

You deserve so much more than you give yourself credit for. However, that means nothing until you BELIEVE it. Make a list of your positive qualities and get feedback about qualities you may not recognize in yourself from your loved ones. Working on self development and speaking positivity over yourself is a great way to promote confidence which is exactly what helps you to stop settling.

Know what you want

Knowing what matters most to you and what you truly want out of life gives direction when trying to accomplish what you desire, set your goals, and not settle for anything beneath what would fulfill you. So take some time to meditate on this and decide what is it that you really want.

Get comfortable with your own company

A lot of times when we aren’t settling, we end up having to walk some journeys alone. You may find yourself losing certain people who are not positive for your environment. You’re likely to grow from these changes and those who are around that choose not to grow may distance themselves from you. This will be the most challenging, but you should never settle for less than what you deserve to keep people in your life who don’t wanna see you get what you deserve.

Don‘t bend your morals/principles

Once you know what you want, keep in mind your belief system and your compass for right and wrong. One thing you never wanna do is allow outside sources to back you into doing things you don’t believe in. You won’t feel good about it and whatever does get done won’t actually feel like an accomplishment.

These are my tips for not settling for less. Just remember that you deserve more than you give yourself credit for. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

How are you gonna stop settling for less?


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