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How To Start Treating Yourself Better


Treating yourself with love and respect is KEY.

But for some of us. it isn't easy when you've spent years neglecting yourself.

So here are some tips on how you can start treating yourself better.

How To Treat Yourself Better

1. Let go of Perfectionism - You will never be perfect. But rest assured, you're in good company because NO ONE is or will ever be perfect. Our flaws are what make us unique and should be embraced and celebrated.

2. Actually, care about your physical health - Health is health. And physical health and mental health are directly intertwined. Caring about your physical health can increase confidence and genuinely feed your brain properly. I still struggle with this.. but it is definitely important.

3. Acknowledge and celebrate your wins - You aren't perfect, but you are worth it. You deserve to be pampered and loved. Every small accomplishment is a step forward and you should acknowledge that. Every week I reward myself for everything I have accomplished and every month (when I don't forget) I share the monthly highlights and blessings segment with you guys to share (and invite you to share) the great things I did in the month and remind myself no matter how I feel that I am still moving forward.

4. Compliment yourself, OUTLOUD, daily - GAS YOURSELF TF UP. I am a firm believer in gassing yourself. Others have called me conceited, but my confidence soars and I am able to accomplish so much when I throw in an "I look so good it's scary" throughout the day. It makes you feel good and it's something you can legit do for yourself. Validate you. No one else needed and watch how much better you feel for treating yourself like the King/Queen you are!


So these are the simple and not so easy ways to start treating yourself better.

Can you think of some other ways? Comment down below.


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