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How To Start Living Frugally

Financial discipline is one of the hardest disciplines in my experience (and experience of everyone on money Twitter apparently).

It can be so difficult to stick to a tight budget because sometimes you just wanna do what you wanna do.

So how can you live frugally?

How To Start Living Frugally

Look at your expenses

Take a look at what you HAVE to spend money on. Business expenses, rent and other bills, and me myself includes my nails and lashes in my expenses. Being cute is not optional. Write these down.

Look at your income

Compare this to your expenses. Do you make enough to cover expenses? How much is left over? Where is there wiggle room? How often do you get paid in relation to what time of the month each bill is due? Chart this out in any way you see fit.

Figure out where you can cut coats

This could mean multiple things. For me, it used to mean going to a nail salon that is close by my house instead of the expensive nail tech I like that is 30 minutes away. For some it means cutting streaming subscriptions you don't use or leveraging a bill to a lower cost. My partner switched from AT&T to Cricket and saved so much money we were low key mad at how much we were previously spending because where we are the service is no better with one than the other. You could also go to a cheaper grocery store like Aldi. See where you can cut and lower spending.

Spend less

This is where it gets hard, but You have to be disciplined. It helps to leave your card at home or to lock your account. There is no trick to force this. You just have to budget appropriately and stick to it.

Put fun and spending in your budget

This is why the previous point is so hard for most people. They wanna spend less jsut by spending less instead of spending less by strategically budgeting spending and free money into their expenses. I have nails and lashes in my expenses but I also have just simple free money for whatever I feel like spending money on in my budget as well. I make sure to leave room for spending and investments. but spending and fun money is a MUST HAVE.


Know why you are trying to be frugal. Is it to make more with investing and trading? Is it to save for a house? Is it to have a cushion-y emergency fund? Get a why and know and remind yourself of it before you spend money unwisely.

I know that it can be difficult to really save money, but nothing worth doing will be super easy to do.

If you truly wanna live a great life, you gotta start by living a smart one.

Share some of your why's with me in the comments below.


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