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How To Start Drinking More Water!

I really don’t feel like I should have to explain WHY we should be drinking water, should I? I mean… it’s water. If you are someone who needs reminding, let me break it down to you why water is everything and more. For one, drinking water helps clear your system of toxins naturally. Your body is made up of more water than anything else. It’s good for having clear skin and hair growth. It literally helps every single part of your body inside and out. Having said that, I also have to admit how difficult it was for me to drink water on a regular basis. When i was a kid, in fact, my mom used to have to make me drink cups of water in front of her to make sure I was getting some. I never used to get how other people loved water so much when there were delicious things out there like juices and sodas. Not to mention, I am not that much into beverages. I am quite sure that I can count on one hand how many times I have been able to actually finish a glass of anything at a restaurant. So, learning to love water was a process.

This post is for anyone who is anything like me. If you struggle to get your daily intake of water (I hear it’s half your weight or eight glasses, I don’t know which is accurate), then this blog post is going to be 10 beautiful tips on how to start drinking a lot more water so that you can live a wonderful and healthy life.

How To Start Drinking More Water

  1. Get yourself a super cute reusable water bottle! I don’t know why this had such a huge impact on my water intake, but it probably made the hugest difference. I have a green (my favorite color) water bottle that is dedicated to water only and I love it so much, I am always wanting to use it. So that helps me drink just water!

  2. Start your morning routine off with water. Put your water bottle by your bed or somewhere where you know you will see it when you get up in the morning. When you wake up, before doing anything else, drink down your water bottle. Yes, that includes before you drink your morning coffee. Coffee is actually dehydrating so it would help you to hydrate before delving into it. There was a time I was going to stop drinking coffee… but that just wasn’t going to happen, but I feel better knowing that I balance it out with 22 ounces (that’s how much my reusale bottle holds) of water before my one little 12 ounces of coffee. It will help you wake up and feel refreshed and also give you a head start on water drinking for the day. I usually get up in the morning and sip on my water through the first hour of my morning routine and it helps me get through my morning yoga (yoga can be very intense if you didn’t know).

  3. Eat foods with high water content. Make your job easier by adding foods in the mix with high water content! Some of my personal favorites would be watermelon, oranges, and pineapples. You can’t go wrong with a nice delicious pineapple. And all of these things are rich in water content. So Bon appetite!

  4. Get sodas out of your house! One reason you end up drinking things other than water is because you have things other than water in your house to drink. Soda is not good for you no matter how you spin it. So help yourself not have that option and just get rid of the beverages that you’re trying to avoid drinking. Then, STOP BUYING IT. You can’t indulge in what you don’t have, right?

  5. Reward yourself for hitting your water drinking goals. I try to drink half my body weight. Whenever I do that (or sometimes I drink a little more than that) I get myself a special snack at the end of the week. It helps to know that if you’re out here doing boss things you get the rewards that give you tiny moments of happiness. Those are the best moments.

  6. When you get real thirsty, go to water FIRST. Not juice or soda or sweet tea. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING quenches the thirst like water. So if you’re tired after your workout or you have cotton mouth, get you some water. Look to that before you go searching for the nearest soda machine. 

  7. Get a water filter. I know that drinking water can seem expensive if you don’t want to drink tap water and you have to buy bottles. I would advise you to stop buying bottled regardless because it is wasteful. If you’re drinking enough water, you will go through so many bottles it’ll drain your pockets. You can get clean and refreshing water by just buying yourself a water filter. You could get a filter pitcher or one of those filter things that attach to your sink. Either way, it is a more efficient way to drink water and takes away the excuse of you always having to go buy water.

  8. Flavor your water. I am not a fan of my water tasting like generic Kool-Aid so I don’t like adding things in there like those Propel packets, BUT those do exist and that is a way to make drinking water more bearable for those of you who can’t stand the taste. Or you could add lemon to you water. That’s what I do. It gives your water more flavor and there’s actually health benefits to drinking lemon water like it being a great source of Vitamin C. Some people even like to add other things like strawberries or grapefruit. I would think that’s kind of okay if it wasn’t for the fact that there is no avoiding the pulp that would go along with it and I am one of those pulp hating individuals. 

  9. Keep water in your car. A really good way to be constantly drinking water is to have water planted in different areas of your life that you know you’ll be. One of the biggest places being your car. You having water in your cup holder takes away space for you to buy something you don’t need on the road (unless it’s coffee) and it also allows you access to water without reaching for your purse with your reusable water bottle. You can also plant one in your office for if and when you run out of water in your original and you are a little too busy to go fill it up. Easy access just helps make it more likely you’ll drink it. 

None of these things guarantee you’ll start drinking all of the water you need. In fact, you could do all of these things but if your health is not that important to you, you’ll find a way to STILL not drink any water. However, if you are determined to be a water drinker for your health, then these tips will definitely help. It may start off difficult but after awhile you’ll find yourself wanting water. I get headaches now when I don’t drink any.

So are you guys ready to hydrate before your diedrate? Comment down below and let me know some tips you have on making drinking water easier!

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